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Australian Firefighter FAQs

Australian Firefighter FAQs

Hey, guys! Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to become an Australian firefighter. The fire service profession has evolved significantly in the last few decades. And while techniques in firefighting and the emergencies that firefighters respond to have also changed through time, the need to employ firefighters will […]

Firefighter Recruitment Amidst The Bushfires

Recruitment amidst the bushfires

Hello friends! What a year 2019 has been and what an even bigger year 2020 will be! As you all know, Australia has been inundated with bushfires in the last few weeks ranging from small to roaring and tragic ongoing fires. How these will shape and affect fire service recruitment, we’re yet to find out. However, […]

ARFF: Physical Aptitude Testing Tryouts

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Aviation Rescue Firefighter Recruitment Info Come Try Day Registration for PAT Hello everyone! I just want to update you real quick on Air Service’s ‘Come Try Days’ for Aviation Rescue Firefighter recruitment. If possible, I do not want you to miss it as this will provide a great opportunity to see what’s expected in the […]

Air Services Recruitment 2018

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Hey everyone! Brent C here – bringing you updates and reminders regarding the ARFF recruitment. For the latest Air Services recruitment updates, check out our how to be come an aviation firefighter blog.  With the application well underway since the 21st of March, I would like to give you some tips about what you can […]

ARFF Firefighter Success

Hi Guys, Just wanted to share another success email with you. It makes me proud to hear from guys that are starting new careers as firefighters for a few reasons. One reason is that I have helped them in some way to change careers and lifestyles, another reason is that they are embarking on an […]