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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to share another success email with you. It makes me proud to hear from guys that are starting new careers as firefighters for a few reasons.

One reason is that I have helped them in some way to change careers and lifestyles, another reason is that they are embarking on an exciting and rewarding career that will actually change the way they live their lives.

I got this email from Craig letting me know he had landed a job as a firefighter with ARFF and have shared it unchanged apart from removing his contact. The reason for this is there is so many false claims and testimonials out there and that is not how I do things.


On Friday, 28 November 2014, craig —————————————- wrote:
Hi Brent,

I have just completed my recruits course with the Arff and started on shift this week. Thanks for your help..


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I share these to show you that it can b e done and is being done.





Brent Clayton

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