Practice Tests for Firefighter Recruits in Australia

Firefighter Recruit Practice Tests – Overview

On your journey through the fire service recruitment process, you are faced with many tests. Some of the tests are hard and others quite simple and easy if you know how to approach them.

In most cases and in most states throughout Australia these are the tests that you will be faced with.

Aptitude test

Aptitude test or cognitive test. Essentially all the same type of test just named differently. This is used to gain a profile on your strengths and weaknesses in the academic field. This type of testing usually has a benchmark you must meet or a preferred profile the fire service has pre-determined.

Most people applying find this one the hardest for a number of varied reasons.

All fire services will have some type of fitness testing, the most common being the beep test to a level of 9.6, if this isn’t part of the testing the ability to reach this level of VO2 max will be incorporated into the physical testing which brings me to the next test.

PAT or Physical Aptitude Test

Firefighter fitness tests, this is where you are required to demonstrate your physical ability in a range of on the job tasks to a pre-determined benchmark.

An example of a task might be a ladder climb or hose drag.

Work function test

this is a relatively new test to ensure a potential firefighter recruit has the range of movement to conduct super simple day to day and repetitive tasks such as getting in and out of the truck etc.

Driving test

has come back into the firefighter recruit practice test in Western Australia, I think this is the only state for this particular test.

Written communication test, although this is usually covered in the cognitive testing phase it is also used as a standalone test with some fire services around Australia

Psychometric profiling tests – Firefighter Psych test

Firefighter psych tests are used to give the recruiting agency or fire service a profile of your personality type, potential recruits tend to worry about this test a fair bit in my experience, if you know about the test and a little bit of background there really isn’t anything to worry about.

I have listed above the general tests that you are likely to face on your way through.

I would urge you to get your hands on some firefighter recruit practice tests or use our resources and firefighter recruit practice tests that we have spent years researching, collating and developing specifically for people in your exact position.

Please feel free to ask me any questions leave a comment below about what you have found the hardest or need help with. Also make sure you check out the guides in my free training area and products page.

Firefighter Interview

You could characterise the firefighter selection interview as a test as you are up agains a large number of people all looking to beat you. This will test your interview skills and your ability to present yourself as a better candidate than the next person. Here is a tool I use called the interview decoder, this will help you understand what you need to practice in order to beat the competition.

If you are trying to find any form of practice test and you can’t see it on here just reach out and I’ll be able to point you in the right direction.



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