Fire Services Recruiting Now – ARFF Firefighter Recruitment 2022


ARFF Firefighter Recruitment ALERT!

All current fire service recruitment dates are now located on my new firefighter recruitment page

Want to become an ARFF Firefighter? Air Services Australia is about to start another ARFF Firefighter Recruitment run in 2021 – Monday 26th July 2021, applications will be open for 3 weeks

ARFF Firefighter Jobs – The Key

ARFF have some of the toughest primary firefighter aptitude tests as well as talent screeners and work styles type psych tests in firefighter recruitment for Australia.

When will ARFF Jobs be Advertised

ARFF Firefighter Recruitment advertisements will begin to show up around the end of July 2021

If you are successful in being offered a position on the arff firefighter recruit course, the course will be due to commence on 21st March 2022 in Melbourne. You can apply for these position by keeping an eye on the Air Services Australia website here.

“We wanted to share the exciting news that we will be launching our latest recruitment campaign for this role on Monday 26th July 2021, applications will be open for 3 weeks ending Sunday August 15th 2021 at 11:55pm. If you still interested in a career as an Aviation Rescue Firefighting Recruit we encourage you to review the entry conditions on our website and consider whether you would like to apply again. We would love to see you!”

Air Services Australia

The Physical Attitude Test details are on the website to help with your training and a link to these can be found here.

If you get a chance, take a look at why some of our current staff members joined Airservices Australia as an Aviation Rescue Firefighting Recruit.

ARFF Firefighter Training

ARFF Firefighter training goes for a 15 week period for the recruit training component.

Airservices will provide shared accomodation  for the duration of your course.  Any transport to and from our facilities will be provided by bus from the ARFF training school.

Upon graduation from the aviation firefighter recruit course:

You will  be allocated your home station, this will depend on where you have nominated to be located and what they have available as far as operational needs around the country for ARFF jobs.

You will find out your location by the Assessment Centre stage due to be held around November 2021.

Once on station, you will then be assigned a roster, each station is different however most of ARFF rosters are a 10/14 which consists of two 10 hour day shifts, followed by two 14 hour night shifts, followed by four days off.

Find out ARFF Firefighter Salary

end of firefighter recruitment alert.



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