Firefighter Recruitment 2022

Firefighter Recruitment Australia Update Mid 2022-2023

Table of Contents – Recruitment Status by State

Firefighter Recruitment 2022

Update for fire service recruitment in Australia and New Zealand

Hi guys! Brent here with a mid-year firefighter recruitment 2022 update just for you.

It’s been a while since my last update and I am happy to announce that it looks like fire service recruitment is returning back to normal in 2022. Hopefully, we’ll see stable roll outs of recruitment dates in the months ahead.

QFES firefighter recruitment QLD – 2022


QFES are now doing aptitude by test type in batches. The first segment being Mechanical exam followed by Core Abilities which is a combination of the other test types. If you are an Elite Member, don’t forget to jump on special online sessions to get all the help you need in preparation for the exam segment that’s coming. Other stages of recruitment for QFES will remain the same. Rumour is that they are 400 short of target headcount. This is great news for the applicants indeed!

Aptitude test provider

QFES.  are still using supervised Pearson VUE exams

Recruitment Dates &  Outlook

QFES Recruited in December of 2021, In progress from May 2022

FRV firefighter recruitment Victoria

Aptitude test provider

FRV have stuck with the same process and Pearson VUE as their testing provider

Recruitment Dates &  Outlook

FRV are in the last stages of the application  as we speak. For those of you who are preparing for the interview, you can check out the firefighter interview questions resource for some guidance. And to those of you waiting to apply for the next FRV intake, you may have to wait until the last quarter of 2022 or early 2023.

NSW Fire and Rescue firefighter recruitment


There has been a bit of talk regarding the cognitive exam as Revelian has been bought out and rebranded to Criteria late 2021. However, our close sources say that it seems they will be retaining the traditional Revelian test at least for this intake. This means, anyone preparing for application in the years to come might see a new test provider. Rest assured we will have our finger on the pulse

Aptitude test provider

Fire and Rescue NSW will be using Revelian & Cognify

I have prepared Revelian practice test information as well as some information around the work safety, work reliability and emotify test.

Plan your course of action wisely to make sure you get yourself in the best shape possible to deal with the competition. I believe the competition will be as fierce as ever in NSW this year.

Recruitment Dates &  Outlook 

FRNSW set to open 1st – 15th June 2022.

DFES – WA firefighter recruitment 2022


YouTube video

DFES is now on the Interview stage as I’m writing this 2022 update.

I am excited to say that a lot of our members are working hard to succeed at this point of the application.

We are conducting interview coaching sessions this week and will have some more early next so do not forget to register for them. I have updated an article inside of our Blog Page for Firefighter Interview FAQs recently. Be sure to check that out.

Aptitude test provider


Recruitment Dates &  Outlook 

DFES recruiting starts November 18th to December 2022

Air Services – ARFF firefighter recruitment 2022 dates


Applicants will be doing, if not, finishing the Online Ability Assessments by now. The rest of the recruitment stages look to be the same for this years recruitment

Aptitude test provider At this stage, the ARFF recruitment process looks to be staying the same with SHL as the test provider.

Recruitment outlook 2022

ARFF has an ongoing intake in 2022 for a 2023 Training Course.

SAMFS recruitment 2022 dates


SAMFS to re-start recruiting after a very long dry spell

Aptitude test provider – The test provider is still Converge + SafeSelect so this means they will be staying with Cognify as their cognitive exam and SafeSelect as their personality test.

We have practice material for both Cognify practice test and SafeSelect inside of the membership training courses. To those who are not part of the program yet, feel free to reach out to us via email, LIVE Chat or on Facebook to get a free copy of the SAMFS mini-course.

Recruitment outlook 2022

SAMFS is set to open recruitment next week – 26 April 2022.

This came as a surprise for many, even current SAMFS firefighters as the recruitment team has been very quiet about it and have even hinted to have it sometime in the third quarter this year.

ACT Fire and Rescue recruitment 2022 dates


YouTube video

ACTFR should be in the last stages of their recruitment process for 2022 at this time or should have a training academy scheduled already.

Aptitude test provider –  ACT have retained Hudson psychometric test as their exam provider which was a bit of a shock for applicants. We have created Hudson tests ready as of 10th July to use in Membership.

Recruitment outlook 2022 – June 27 – July 31st 2022

NT fire service recruitment dates


YouTube video

NT Fire and rescue last recruited in December 2021, They stuck to the same recruitment process as the previous year and the big hurdle that knocked out the majority was once again the aptitude test.

Aptitude test provider – NT Fire & Rescue are currently using OPRA Psychology Group, We have created practice material in the e-learning.

Recruitment outlook 2022 –  Towards the end of 2022 is looking like what’s going to happen with NT

Tasmania Fire Service Recruitment 2022


YouTube video

Last year, they mentioned having to put recruitment on hold whilst waiting for processes to be aligned after the new commissioner takes over.

Aptitude test provider – Tasmania fire service retaining – Revelian’s Cognify

Recruitment outlook 2022 – According to our sources, Tasmania fire service will be looking to recruit in August or September of 2022.

NZ Firefighter Recruitment 2022


FENZ up next and they are having 2 recruitment runs this year! How cool is that?

FENZ is a really large organization and whilst they do not sponsor overseas migration, AU Citizens are welcome to apply if they want to have a crack at it.

Aptitude test provider – The testing provider for FENZ remains to be SHL and the recruitment process still looks the same as the ones before.

Recruitment outlook 2022 – 2 Courses one specifically for Auckland is ongoing until 15 May at 5 PM and a national recruitment drive on 1 June. The drive will last for a month.

Remember those that are the most prepared are the ones that get the job.

If you’re extremely serious about giving yourself the best chance of getting a spot on the next recruitment I’ve included a link to our calendar. Click this and book in for a chat about how I can help you get the edge.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the team soon!



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