How to Become a Firefighter in QLD


Become a Firefighter in QLD   

Even if you have failed multiple times

To remove any confusion I’m talking about how to become a firefighter in the state of Queensland with QFES, I will not be covering general how to’s that can be found on the

How to become a firefighter in Australia” Page.

QLD Firefighter in nomex

Competition in QLD Firefighter Recruitment

QFES is a competitive fire service just like every fire service in Australia, QFES is on par with victoria in difficulty or chance of obtaining a place as a recruit. So not quite as hard as NSW but still a real challenge if you don’t know how to approach the process. QLD had a cessation on recruitment for a number of years so they have been playing a bit of catch up in more recent times meaning more opportunity for m ore people.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with over half of the successful applicants during some recruitment campaigns. When. half a recruit course is interacting and using a method it gives me confidence the method works.

Do NOT underestimate the competition, although it may be less than NSW it’s still a big task for most people. You will be still up against a couple of thousand applicants usually

This is by no means meant to put you off the idea, more to make you consider the fact that simply going through the motions will more than likely land you on the outer.

Here is a good article about another success story Michael Stephenson getting a job as a firefighter with QFES

Tests You Need to Pass in Order to Become a Firefighter in QLD

At the time of writing this article Pearson VUE is the test provider for QLD. The Pearson VUE suite of tests is t KEY to becoming a firefighter in QLD.

How does Pearson View work for QFES?

Stage 1:

Complete a timed mechanical test that includes a list of test questions, such as pullies and gears, that are based on mechanical concepts. You will be invited to complete phase 2 after completing phase 1 successfully

Fore example tests questions based on the most recent exams from QFES – We have a FREE firefighter practice test –  Pearson VUE – for complete up to date Pearson VUE exams just message me here

Or check out the Products I have created to help you become a firefighter in QLD

Stage 2:

QFES will ask you to complete the Pearson’s Vue timed skill assessments, which contain three kinds of test questions:

Questions from the abstract exam

Questions from verbal exams

Questions from Numeric exams

More details around the Pearson VUE QFES test format – As I said before, there are two phases to the online assessments, the Mechanical Aptitude Assessment and the Core Abilities Assessment. These include mechanical reasoning, problem solving, abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning. Something to note is the format. Pearson VUE uses whats known as a proctor for their testing, the idea of a proctored test is to authenticate that it is you and only you taking the test with no help from anyone.

Pearson VUE Proctored Test

More Information on Pearson Vue Practice test firefighter

The assessments will be delivered in an online supervised (proctored) format and it is important you read and understand all the information provided to you regarding the assessments, particularly the technical requirements. It is important you are prepared and well rested for these assessments.

How does Pearson’s proctored testing work? In general you will have a “proctor”. The purpose of the proctor in the test is to

“Proctor” = someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating.

How the proctor works: The proctor will do a sweep of the room you are taking the examination in as well as verifying your identity and watching you take the exam. They have the power to terminate or invalidate your exam so you need to be very careful you understand and comply with the rules.

The thing with the Pearson VUE test for QFES is it can be taken in your own environment usually at a strange time due to the location of the proctors.

The Key – with the qfes online proctored assessment is that you want to get exposure to the test before the day, You also want to familiarise yourself with the environment of the proctored test and the facilities you’re allowed so that you can outperform your competition on the day.

These exams, providers and nuances will change from recruitment to recruitment. for the latest up to date information you can send me a message or book in for a chat. All the latest test material and training is kept up to date inside my membership training area.

This is where nearly everyone gets knocked out of the game

TIP: Simply searching “pearson vue test questions” “qfes firefighter test” or “free test firefighter” will prove a waste of your time and may even lead you down a path of being locked out for 12 months.

I’ll briefly explain the 12 month problem that I have witnessed unsuspecting people get themselves into. Sometimes in recruitment you will do a search for some test materials and actually be able to take a test which may be terrific BUT in the case I have seen people do this and the result of what they think is a practice test is associated with them for 12 months with the test provider *just be careful*

qfes_recruitment_forum_2021_become_a_firefighter_QLDBrent wearing firefighter shirt


The Operational Focused Abilities Test (formerly known as PAT test)

Honestly most applicants don’t pay a lot of attention to the OFAT test which is a mistake unless you take into account the fact most of the people that take it for granted are the same ones who will never actually make it to the OFAT anyhow.

Here’s the thing about the OFAT, It’s specific so at a minimum familiarise yourself with it. The OFAT is not something you want to fail after going through all the effort to get through the initial testing, it’s also the most transparent test you will face as in you know the benchmarks you’re required to meet.

My motto is always “control the outcome of what you can” and the OFAT definitely falls into this category so why wouldn’t you make sure you can control the outcome of something so simple.

When I’m working with a client on the OFAT we boil it down into a training method of the “minimum effective dose” so that absolutely every minute of effort is propelling you towards the goal and zero effort is wasted doing things that will not contribute.

Details of QFES OFAT

The QFES OFAT must be currently be completed either in Brisbane or in Townsville, at the time of writing there was an associated $50 for attending the QFES OFAT assessment.

The cost to participate in the OFAT  for QLD Fire and rescue recruitment is $50.

What to wear: For the duration of the OFAT, candidates are required to wear a sleeved shirt, long pants and covered in shoes appropriate for exercise throughout the entire test. Candidates will be supplied with a protective helmet, harness and gloves; these must be worn as instructed. All required safety and personal protection equipment will be provided by QFES on the day.

What NOT to wear: Shorts, skins, leggings, and skirts are not appropriate. All shirts must have sleeves. Singlets and small capped sleeves are not appropriate. Watches and all types of jewellery are not to be worn. Shoes must be completely enclosed, such as sneakers, runners or joggers. Open shoes and thongs cannot be worn.

OFAT Failures: 

  • Candidates must not run at any stage of the OFAT.
  • Candidates will receive one warning for running and the second infraction constitutes a failure.
  • Where a failure is identified, the OFAT time will conclude and the candidate will not continue in the assessment.
  • If any piece of equipment is dropped during the tasks, the assessment time will conclude, and the candidate will not continue in the assessment. This constitutes an overall assessment failure


PART 1 – Station 1: Road Crash Rescue Cutter Hold

PART 2 – Station 1: Low-Level High-Rise Stair Climb

PART 2 – Station 2: Forcible Entry

PART 2 – Station 3: Ladder Raise, Extend, House & Lower

PART 2 – Station 4: Equipment Haul

PART 2 – Station 5: Flaked Hose Drag

PART 2 – Station 6: Life Rescue

PART 3 – Station 1: Case 1 Hose Reel Drag

The Beep Test QLD

For the updated material on the QFES OFAT 2021, check with me or in membership



QFES State Panel Interview is a critical part of the firefighter selection. You will be required to speak in front of a panel, which will include QFES operational and non-operational staff.

You will be required to inform the panel members about:

Your understanding of the role of a QFES firefighter.

The attributes and qualities you would bring to the role, your relevant or transferrable skills, experience and qualifications, and your motivation in becoming a firefighter.

behaviour and scenario-based questions.

Quote from QFES recruitment——————————————————————————————————–

“QFES recommends you perform outside research into the role, such as visiting as station or speaking with firefighters about their experience.

Do not under-estimate the importance of the interview. Interview results contribute to your merit standing in the recruitment process. It is important you are properly prepared, dress and act professionally”


The interview process is easily your biggest opportunity in the entire process to beat your competition.

See this podcast for a free debrief with our in-house interview coach

The Interview is actually the least competitive aspect of the process as usually at interview they have culled hundreds or even thousands of applicants.

Do not assume that if you reach this stage the interview is simply a formality; more candidates will be brought to interview than there are positions available. It is a critical part of the selection process and is subject to rigorous assessment.

So at this stage you might only have to be better than 20 or 30 other applicants.

It is at this stage of the process I get really excited for the guys I work with because I know if they simply follow my training and show up to their coaching sessions they are almost guaranteed a job.

auxiliary firefighter qld

Firefighter Psych Test

For detailed information on the QFES psychological assessment.

Group Activity

not always part of the process

This exercise will assess your effectiveness at working within a team.

Here’s video on group assessment activities the group activity fundamentals apply across all services


Understand what you will be subjected to before the medical, If you have something you are worried about it will pay to speak to someone confidentially before your medical as there are things that can be done before it’s too late. I like to do this at the beginning with people Im working with as it allows us to remove doubt and focus on more fruitful activities that will get us a job.

Employment Checks

Satisfy a Criminal History Check and complete referee reports

– Reference checks – referees should be a supervisor/manager within a work environment

– Driving history check

– QFES will also undertake a check on your criminal history.

Tip – Check your Online presence because they will

Recruitment Dates

Firefighter recruitment dates and outlook for Fire and rescue QLD this year.

Education Requirements

QFES firefighter education requirements

Skills, Attributes & Attitude Needed to Become a Firefighter in QLD.

– Mindset: you need to be able to get into the right frame of mind to become a firefighter in QLD, many people struggle with the journey and find the challenge insurmountable. If you can get this right from the start you’re half way there. Commit to the journey

– Develop skills and understanding around all aspects of the testing suite for the current intake.

– Attention to detail.

– Communication skills, you will need to develop extremely good communication and interpersonal skills.

– Positive winning attitude, every minute spent on an unproductive negative activity or conversation is a minute wasted that could be put to use. Don’t be like the masses.

These books show you Exactly how to make sure you have the skills & attributes required to beat other applicants in the very next QLD fire and rescue recruitment intake.


TIP: Position Description is a gold mine in the right hands

– You have 1 opportunity to get this right so don’t take any chances

– This is generally your first interaction with the service so make it count. Make it contribute to your success, it’s a real opportunity to do just that.

– Read the instructions carefully & Follow them to the letter. Sounds simple but so many people mess it up.

– Gain an understanding of what IS important to include and what IS NOT. You don’t want to paint yourself in a dull light just because you don’t fully understand whats superfluous and what is crucial to have on your application. You can be a great candidate but not a great writer so don’t let this be the reason you’re out of the game for another year.

TIP: Getting a second opinion from a suitably qualified professional before submitting could make or break you at this point. In my opinion If you can control the outcome of something it is wise to do everything in your power to do just that.

Case Study: Danny S – QFES Firefighter

Here is a picture of Danny below working for QFES. Danny had tried to become a firefighter in various states around Australia when I met him. He had done reasonably well in some attempts but was having some trouble getting past the interview. The next recruitment was with QFES that year, by following the simple proven method Danny was able to easily land himself on the QFES Recruit course that very intake.

become a firefighter in QLD

Process MAP to Become A Firefighter in Queensland – 2021

how to become a firefighter qldhow to become a firefighter in brisbaneqld fire and rescue recruitment

Information from QFES (bear in mind every applicant has access to this).

How to Become a Firefighter QLD candidate information, There is some great information inside this publication that you need to be familiar with as a starting point. This will give you the most up to date information about becoming a firefighter in QLD as far as the service is concerned.

You can also take a QFES Firefighter Suitability quiz here. I recommend taking this quiz as it may give you a little bit more insight into what the Queensland fire brigade sees as important for the various Queensland fire and rescue jobs available. If you take the quiz and the outcome isn’t what you were hoping it can give you pretty specific information on what they (QLD fire and rescue recruitment) want. This is another valid step to use that will help you become a firefighter in QLD over the next applicant.

How Much Do QLD Firefighters Get Paid?

how much do qld firefighters get paid

This is correct as of 2021 for Queensland Fire & rescue jobs – Firefighter Recruit and Firefighter.

*Important requirement to start* the QLD fire and rescue recruitment training is a QFES Blue Card

QFES is Australia’s 3rd Largest Employer of Professional Firefighters

qfes firefighter employee percentage

The good thing about this is although it’s competitive QFES is one of the larger employers meaning they have more positions available in general.

Frequently Asked Questions When Becoming A Firefighter in QLD

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