QLD Firefighter Psych Test – QFES Psychological Assessment

QLD Psych test prep

QFES Psychological Assessment – QLD Firefighter Psych Test

If you have you QFES psychological assessment coming up you will want to know this.

QFES says the psychological assessment phase of the firefighter recruitment process in Queensland is neither pass nor fail. If you believe this, you’re probably already behind the eight ball.

QFES does have a (a current firefighter profile)

Queensland fire & emergency services psychometric tests use a multi-layered personality test as part of their selection process.

You must score at a minimum standard, i.e. fall into certain band in the QFES psychological assessment applicants in order to progress through the recruitment process. It makes sense that they want to get a good grasp on your personal qualities & traits. You will be in the hot seat of emergency response attending emergency events on a weekly basis when working in a professional rescue service.

They want to know that when you are exposed to a traumatic event for example that you will likely be able to cope and operate at the level required.

During a face to face assessment, test questions will usually be different for each applicant and depend on other interactions you have had with the recruitment team such as your initial application and resume.

How is my psych assessment evaluated

The psychological assessment is used in conjunction with your initial application, core abilities test & the firefighter job interview. This is an extremely important part of your application. The testing is not evaluated in a vacuum so if you fail this stage it’s likely for more than one reason.

There is also the medical assessment and criminal history check but these two tests are black and white.

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services GOAL

Is to create a “Safe Workplace”

This is a key piece of information you want to consider carefully when applying for any emergency services job but particularly for Queensland fire & rescue.

The goal of the psych assessment in the selection process for the fire service is to ensure they create and foster a safe workplace. Obviously they are looking for a range of other specific skills and attributes but if they flag that you have the potential to be unsafe it wont matter how good you are in all the other areas.

Remember not only does the fire department want to create a high performance and safe working environment, they also have the consideration of work health and safety and worker’s compensation insurance to consider. They want to do everything they can to ensure they are recruiting the right people.

Assessment Results Lifespan

Results of your QFES psychological assessment are valid for 12 months, meaning if you muck this up you are out for a minimum of a year.

Feedback: You may get feedback “if you apply and QFES thinks you should”, this is not a guarantee of feedback and you may get feedback just to tell you you’re not suitable based on the results from your QFES psychological assessment. This is on a case-by-case basis and not an obligation of the fire department.

The QFES Psychological Assessment – Firefighter Psych Test is Done in 2 Parts

The psychological assessment will consist of both an online and face to face component and will be held in Brisbane

We have recently created training for the qfes psych test where our organisational psychologist dissected the test at a fundamental level to ensure you can understand what your in for and get the edge that could be the difference between getting a job as a firefighter this year and sitting out for a minimum of 12 months.

QFES Psychological Assessment – How to Pass

QFES psychological assessment - how to pass

  •  You will have 48 hours from receipt of the test link email to complete the required assessment/s. The online assessments has to be completed prior to attending the face-to-face component.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT : Face to Face Component
  • Just as it sounds it will be an in person psych test where you will be evaluated on your behaviour, interaction and responses. This is a critical part of the QFES psychological assessment. At this point you are soooooooooo close to a job it’s not funny. There is no room in this assessment for wrong answers.

QFES firefighter psych test

If you have made it this far you are so close, well done.

Pay attention to this test and give it the respect required, when you do you will understand what the behavioural profiles will allow you to progress and those that will not.

If you can just nail this component of the process, you will no longer be wondering how to become a firefighter in QLD you will be one.

TIP: Get yourself up to date with QFES’s support services

Good luck with your upcoming QFES firefighter psychological tests.



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