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How to get your Firefighter Application Noticed

When you’re applying for a job as a firefighter you may neglect the importance of the firefighter application process.

This is usually due to focusing more on the aptitude test or the firefighter psych test and maybe what the firefighter interview might be like for the service you’re applying to this year.

You need to capitalise on your firefighter job application if you want to get ahead of the pack. Obviously you need to pass the firefighter aptitude test to be considered but that will not do on it’s own.

Firefighter Application – How to stand out

In order to have a great application for a firefighter position there are a few things you will want to consider.

Obviously you must meet the firefighter job qualifications, most fire services have fairly low prerequisites qualifications in order to submit an application but make sure you know what they are and that you meet them.

The reason for this apart from not being eligible is if the service has to tell you you’re not eligible because you didn’t pay attention this will look quite bad for you in subsequent applications.

Read the instructions and rules extremely well. A lot of the time people will get the early boot in the bum for simply not following a procedure listed in the firefighter application process.

I know you’re probably thinking “I would never do that” but the reason I am including it is I have seen scores of intelligent people sit out for a year or more for this very issue.

Get to know the organisation – I am always harping on about this but if you actually take what I’m talking about seriously it will pay off tremendously. When I say get to know the organisation I’m talking about going deep. You need to understand the organisation, what’s important to them, how they operate, current challenges and initiatives etc.

To have a really good firefighter application  you must understand all of these things so you can align your communication to speak to the recruiters and what’s important to them at the time.

Not only does this help with the firefighter application it will also give you an excellent leg up on what the firefighter interview questions are likely to be. It will give you a much more robust understanding of the organisation which will allow you to leave the competition in your wake at almost every opportunity.

Think of every communication with the service as an opportunity to build your profile in their recruitment database. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the interaction may seem, you can’t go wrong if you behave as if every interaction is being scrutinised as in some cases it more than likely is.

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Firefighter Application Skills

When putting you application in to any fire service anywhere in the world it helps to gain an intricate understanding of the exact skills they require of a firefighter. You can say they are generally the same across the board which is an ok place to start BUT we want to get a job.

What you want to do is get the position description of a firefighter for the organisation that you’re applying to, I keep a library of the firefighter PD’s in my membership are to make it easy for people that I’m personally working with. Once you have the position description simply read through it carefully and make a note of everything in 1. Key Selection Criteria  2. Key Result Areas  3. Duties and responsibilities.

Once you understand the things listed on the job description you can do a number of helpful things with this information.

First of all you will have a more in-depth understanding of the role than 90%+ of applicants. This allows you to communicate in such a way that highlights that you have the specific skills you now know they are looking for.

This way every word on your application has the purpose of furthering your firefighter application as favourable compared to the next applicant.

The position description will also give you an even greater idea of what the firefighter interview questions might look like.

This is one simple way you can start building your application to beat the competition. If you like what I have discussed here I have made a full course focussed just on the application inside membership.

The main thing is that you take action and implement every little piece you can, this is how people get the jobs.



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