Firefighter Salary Australia

firefighter salary Australia

Firefighter Salary Australia


In this blog post, I cover most fire services from around Australia for Firefighter Salary. I also have a download of the resources these rates come from.

The average Firefighter Salary in Australia is ….

Although firefighting is a noble profession in the eyes of many. You may be thinking, how much do they get paid OR could I survive on the pay of a firefighter if I am seriously considering a career change? For some it will be a pay cut, for others a pay rise. Whatever it is for you, I just wanted to give you the simple answers on firefighter pay around Australia.

starting at 35k – 70k as a recruit

On station wages roughly average around

70-80k for a qualified firefighter

90k for a leading firefighter / senior

100k – 115k for Station Officer Ranks

Here is a full breakdown and the resources from which they came. We did our best to get the most up-to-date firefighter salaries in Australia as we could. Some fire services haven’t published wages or have out-of-date agreements. We will update this post each year to keep you informed.

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VIC Pay Rate as of 2018


ACTFR Pay Rate as of 2017


TFS Pay Rate as of 2010



ARFF Pay Rate as of 2017


NTFRS Pay Rate as of May 2017

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I hope this serves as a quick and informative reference for you. There is a lot of bogus information out there, unfortunately. This should help you cut through the nonsense.

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