Firefighter Jobs – Fitness Requirements For Australian Fire Services

Firefighter Jobs – Fitness Requirements.

To get firefighter jobs you need to be fit. Until you have experienced the physical demands of working near a fire, you may not fully appreciate the fitness levels a person needs to reach before they can become a fire fighter. In addition surviving heat and smoke exposure, fire fighter jobs require you to climb heights and pull heavy equipment while in this environment.

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Some people tend to have the genetic abilities, and previous physical training, that helps them land a firefighter job. Others will need to adjust or commence a specific fitness training program. and even progress in it for a lengthy period of time. before they will have the physical abilities to meet the fitness requirements of being a fire fighter in Australia.

The beep test.

The beep test is a standard fitness test that is used all around the world. not only for testing fire fighters, but it is used by military personal, sports coaches and schools. The beep test system works with a pre-recorded audio device that sounds loud ‘beeping’ noises. Participants are required to run a 20m distance before the next beep sounds, and as the test progresses, the beeps become closer and closer together.

At first, participants will only need to run approximately 8km an hour. and at each stage of the test, they will need to run around 0.5km an hour faster than the one before. Depending on which department you intend on joining, as a fire fighter, you will need to reach between 8-10 on the beep test to pass. To practice for the beep test, you can train on medium length runs, and also sprints. You can also obtain a copy of a beep test recording yourself, mark out your own 20m course, and practice improving your score every time you train. The general entry level in Australia to obtain Firefighter jobs. is just under level 10 in most cases 9.6.

Simulated Fitness Requirements.

When you apply for firefighter jobs, expect to participate in a range of other fitness tests that will simulate the real-life requirements of a firefighter. These include a simulated hose drag, to assess a firefighter’s ability to carry a heavy water filled hose, a heights anxiety test to ensure you can climb and work safely in a high environment, and a simulated heavy tool test which will measure your upper and lower body strength.

An important factor in these tests, is that just because you feel strong or can lift weights at home. it doesn’t mean the quality of your strength will be the same in firefighter jobs. Fire fighters need to push and pull unorthodox objects and they need to activate many muscles groups in one activity. This is very different to the process of lifting a bar bell or using resistance strength machine in a gym. If you are seeking to land a firefighter job, consider structuring your home fitness program accordingly to mimic the demands of recruitment testing, and an actual fire fighter job. You will find this puts you in good stead for judgment day and the entire fire recruitment and selection process

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