SAMFS Firefighter Recruitment 2016


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Brent Clayton from with another firefighter recruiter update for Australia in 2016. What I’ve got for you today is there’s a bit of a whisper getting around that the South Australian metropolitan fire service will start recruiting in February.

If this is something that you’re looking at possibly applying to, what I’d say is that you want to start preparing now, so make sure that you’re not behind the eight ball, and that when the times comes you can go in nice and confident, and make the whole process less stressful.

I have got a question for you this time though. What is it that you see as your biggest obstacle on becoming a firefighter? If you can leave me a comment below, or send us an email, let me know what you see as your biggest obstacle, that’d be really interesting for me. Also, what plan do you have to overcome that obstacle, and make your transition to becoming a firefighter much more enjoyable, and stress-free?

So let’s  think about those things. If you’re in for the SAMFS firefighter recruitment 2016, good luck with it.

That’s a really exciting opportunity. They are obviously in a recruiting phase as they only just recruited last year as well, towards the end of the year.

It’s a really good opportunity at the moment, it seems. All over Australia, with Queensland in the middle of their recruitment process and the Country Fire Authority looking like March of 2016.

If you looking at it, knuckle down and commit to it, and have a real crack.

I’m Brent Clayton, this is

I will catch you next time, bye for now.





SA firefighter recruitment 2016 looks to be kicking off in February of 2016 so if you’re looking for firefighter jobs in Australia. Now is the time to look at SAMFS!


Brent Clayton

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