4 Keys To Improve Your Aptitude Score

 4 Keys To Improve Your Aptitude Score Rapidly In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the four things that you need to do in order to be able to improve your score in any aptitude test for the fire service and any aptitude test in general. We’ve been seeing unbelievable success with our […]

LATEST UPDATE ON QFES Recruitment 2018

qfes recruitment 2018

LATEST UPDATE ON QFES Recruitment 2018         It’s Brent Clayton here from Fire Recruitment Australia. I just want to update you on the 2019 campaign that’ll be opening on the 9th of July — so just about in a week’s time and shutting again on the 20th of August. So, a pretty […]

CFA Firefighter Interview Tips From The CFA

CFA Interview Tips

CFA Firefighter Interview – Tips From The CFA   We encourage you to continue with your own individual preparation which should not just centralise on the interview component of the recruitment process. Remember final decision are made on whole of application performance – not just the interview alone. Interview Tips: It’s difficult to prepare for […]

Firefighter Salary Australia

firefighter salary Australia

Firefighter Salary Australia In this blog post, I cover most fire services from around Australia for Firefighter Salary. I also have a download of the resources these rates come from. The average Firefighter Salary in Australia is ….

Podcast: Applying To Get A Job with the Fire Service

On today’s episode, I’m going through the process of how to apply for a job with the Fire Service in Australia and in particular, your strategy in doing that. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving emails from different people asking me to help them with the aptitude tests and interviews and applications and […]

SAMFS firefighter recruitment 2018

samfs firefighter recruitment 2018

SAMFS Firefighter Recruitment 2018   Hi! This is Brent Clayton of firerecruitmentaustralia.com or Firefighter Recruitment whisper, if I should say so. Word on the street is that the SAMFS will be recruiting just a little bit later in this year —2018. And for fire recruitment of the South Australian and Metropolitan Fire Service, the word is […]

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