How to Pass the Fire Service Supervised Aptitude Tests

fire service aptitude test

Learn how to get past the fire service supervised aptitude tests and progress to the next stage towards becoming a professional firefighter by watching this short video:

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It’s Brent C from

Today I’m going to talk to you about cognitive testing or aptitude testing, and in particular the supervised component of that testing.

Some services require you to do an online pre-testing to get into the next pool where you will go into a supervised test. The reason this video has come about is because I keep receiving emails from people saying they can get through the pre-testing or they can’t, but generally they can’t get through the supervised testing.

What the Supervised Aptitude Test is All About

The thing with the supervised testing is, obviously, it’s a lot more competitive because you’ve gone from the big pool where they’ve got a benchmark, and you’re into the next pool where the percentage pass rate is lower.

What I want to do today is cover off how to get through the first step and then through the supervised testing so that you can then go on and progress through to the next lot of testing, and ultimately become a fireman or a firefighter.

Basically, it’s nothing new. The fact is you need to have the relevant questions, a mechanism to point out your deficiencies before it’s too late, so before you go out and do the test, and then find out that you’re not successful because your score wasn’t competitive enough, and have a mechanism to improve your score in wherever it’s deficient.

What we used to do — this is a website that I’ve been creating out of the past couple of years called, where we get relevant questions from a number of the different providers that are used with the different fire services around Australia.

At the moment, we’ve got the QFES conducting supervised testing from today through till the end of the month. They use a combination of Wonderlic and Pearson, which is a talent screener. That’s the issue. This changes every year, so it’s really hard to keep up with it, and make sure you have relevant questions. That’s where we come in.

A Third-Party Fire Recruitment Company

I’ll look at who’s providing the questions so that we can provide you with proper practice questions. We will also then make tutorial videos so that you can fix up any deficiencies you’ve got. Then we have coaches on hand so that you can get further out to improve and become more competitive, and also look at test taking strategies so that you can be competitive and get in front of the group and progress through the next stage.

The other thing about it as far as how a picture works and why it’s more competitive. Let’s say I’ve got a thousand applicants come into the pretest for QFES at the moment. Half of them might get through to the supervised component of the testing. That’s a thousand to five hundred, so a fifty percent chance of getting through. Not that high in most cases.

The next case is probably like you’re going to go from five hundred to one hundred or something like that. You’ve gone from a thousand, so fifty percent chance down to one hundred, so one in five will move through to the next level and get to progress through, and even get a go at the next start, next testing phases that you’ll be faced with.

What I’m saying is we’ve got a solution if you need it at It’s not my decision to make. It’s up to you. I would feel bad if you weren’t aware that it was there. If you need some help to get through supervised, like you haven’t been successful before or you’re about to take it, go and have a look at We’ve got the relevant questions that will help to get you to the next level, and coaching’s available if you need to strategize or just really get that competitive edge.

I just wanted to make sure you had the opportunity and knew that this resource was out there. It’s proved very successful for other applicants in the previous couple of years. If you really want to make a change and get through this time or the next time that you apply, have a think about if the same strategy that you’ve been using going to propel you through the next level, or do you need to make a decision, dig the heels in, and try something different to get through the next level?

Some Tips from QFES in Preparation for the Supervised Aptitude Tests

My suggestion is the more specific the better your opportunity will be, this has worked for all of our members so far.

Completing the online component of the QFES 2017 Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment Campaign, it is advised to invest time in preparing for the assessments by practicing similar or like assessments.

It is advised to search for and practice timed assessments. There are a variety of sample tests and assessments offered over the Internet.

These are the areas they suggest you search:

  • “aptitude testing”
  • “cognitive ability”
  • “verbal reasoning”
  • “numerical reasoning”
  • “quantitative reasoning”
  • “abstract reasoning”
  • “spatial reasoning”
  • “mechanical reasoning”
  • “problem solving”

Basic hints and tips for preparing to complete an assessment:

  • Do keep pen/pencil and paper beside you.
  • Complete the assessment in a quiet space with no distractions.
  • Allocate and allow for sufficient time to complete the assessments in their entirety.
  • Ensure when you are completing the assessments that you take the time to read all of the introductory information.
  • When in doubt, don’t spend too much time on any one question, quickly move on to the next question.
  • Some of the assessments may allow you to go back and re-attempt questions if you have enough time.
  • Utilise any review question functions, if offered by the provider of the assessment.
  • Where there is no review question function, you can manually record the number of the question, and revisit the question, if you have time.

To help with the advice given above, please consider that you have an average of 38 seconds to complete each question so you need to be aware of this and practice with this as part of your goal to improve. This is why on our web platform at, we have timed tests so you can practice under exam conditions and see where you are at in regards to the 38 seconds average. The other beauty of our platform is it has questions specific to each service whether that be QFES or any of the other fire services recruiting around Australia.

We also offer free aptitude tests for the fire service so you can get an idea of how the platform works and where your personal strengths or weaknesses might be.



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