Beep Test: How to Pass the Multi-State Fitness Test to Become a Firefighter

Beep Test - How to Pass the Multi-State Fitness Test to Become a Firefighter

If you’re considering a career in firefighting, you have to go through different tests during recruitment, one of which is the beep test.

The beep test, also known as the multi-stage fitness test, is a standard fitness and cardiovascular test that is widely used to assess candidates for jobs that require physical strength and endurance, such as military personnel, policemen, sports coaches, and firefighters. As of this writing, all of the fire services in Australia use the beep test.

The test is a shuttle run designed to measure your aerobic capacity. Firefighting is such a demanding job, physically and mentally, making the beep test a perfect gauge of how fit you are for the job.

How The Beep Testing Works

The beep test system works with a pre-recorded audio device that sounds loud ‘beeping’ noises.

Participants are required to run a 20m distance before the next beep sounds, and as the test progresses, the beeps become closer and closer together.

At first, participants will only need to run approximately 8km an hour, and at each stage of the test, they will need to run around 0.5km an hour faster than the one before.

The Beep Test Scoring and the Required Score

Your score will be determined by the highest level and number of shuttles you attain before failing to keep up with the recording.

The general entry level in Australia to obtain firefighter jobs is just under level 10, in most cases, 9.6.

How to Practice for the Beep Test

You should develop a list of strategies and techniques for training to meet the 9.6 target and go even further. This will help you avoid unnecessary pressure before and during the test.

To practice for the beep test, you can train on medium-length runs and also sprints.

You can also obtain a copy of a beep test recording yourself, mark out your own 20-meter course, and practice improving your score every time you train.

Most importantly, you have to make sure that you’re physically fit. You need to eat well, sleep well, and do the necessary cardio exercises so that the beep test will be quite easy for you.

Hire a Coach to Help You for the Beep Test

Here at Fire Recruitment Australia, we have the resources to prepare you for your firefighting recruitment beep test.

With years of experience in the firefighting industry, we can guide you and show you a step-by-step process on how you can achieve a 9.6 score or more.

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