How I Increase firefighter aptitude test score quickly blueprint

I Helped An Aspiring Firefighter Increase His Aptitude Test Score By 27% In Just One Hour:Here’s How I Did It.

Today I’m going to show you the exact five steps you need to take to dramatically increase your Aptitude Test score.

When Matt came to me for help, he was having a pretty rough time with the firefighter recruitment process.

And like so many aspiring firies, his biggest bugbear was the Aptitude Test. 

We decided to implement part of my simple, yet often overlooked Aptitude Test preparation strategy. After using my technique, he retook the test. Here’s what happened: 

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Just one hour after implementing this simple step, Matt saw a 27% increase in his test score. This increase would have been the difference between progressing through to the next stage and not.

The preparation method he implemented is only one piece of a larger puzzle. Today, I want to walk you through the entire strategy, step by step.

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If you think it’s tough to become a firefighter in Australia, unfortunately, you’d be right. 

No matter what state you’re in, there are a number of hurdles you need to clear and criteria you must meet to even get your foot in the door.

These hurdles and criteria are things I’m very familiar with myself - I actually failed my first attempt at recruitment.

Before I tried again, I made a point of learning the entire recruitment process from the inside out. I gained comprehensive knowledge about all areas of testing, why they matter, and most importantly, how to not fail.

After my second (and thankfully, successful) attempt, I had a strong desire to share this knowledge with others; I wanted to help others avoid the mistakes that I made.

And so I created my Elite Firefighter Accelerator program. I wanted to play my part in making the firefighter recruitment process as smooth sailing as possible for good people. 

Because yes, this process should be rigorous - but not impossible. After all, here in Australia, we need as many good firies as we can get.

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Over the years, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest, most common stumbling blocks in the firefighter recruitment process is the Aptitude Test.

It’s actually the single biggest point of failure in the entire process - over half of applicants say it was the hardest test to progress through. Most people failed!

With my knowledge and experience, I’ve developed a strategy to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to take (or retake) your Aptitude Test. 

It’s a collection of tactics that, when implemented correctly, can help you increase your test score in as little as one hour.

But before we get into that, I think it’s important that we first establish what the Aptitude Test is, and why it’s such a crucial part of the recruitment process.

The Firefighter Aptitude Test: What Is It And Why
Does It Matter?

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The Aptitude Test is a written test that assesses your ability in various reasoning areas that the services have deemed necessary.

Being a firefighter can be an extremely high-pressure job - you’re constantly thrown into situations that, to most people, are stressful and chaotic.

In these scenarios, you need to have the ability to use reason, think clearly, and make smart decisions on the fly. You also must be able to listen to and comprehend instructions, remember, and follow them.

These skills are absolutely essential to being a good firefighter; without these abilities, you are incapable of doing your job effectively. 

This is exactly why the Aptitude Test plays such a vital role in the recruitment process.

When we think about aptitude in this way, it becomes pretty clear why the test is so difficult to pass - the situations in which we will use these abilities are inherently tough, and so the testing needs to reflect that.

But while the Aptitude Test is difficult, it’s not impossible to ace - so, why do so many aspiring firies fail this test multiple times?

Because they’re making one big mistake, over and over again: they don’t have a plan for improvement and don't understand how the test is actually assessed.

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A Lack Of Understanding & Planning Is Killing Your Aptitude Test
Score: Here’s Why

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We all know the old saying about the definition of insanity - it’s doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting a different result.

This definition is the precise reason why so many people (you included!) keep falling at the same hurdle, time and time again.

You fail the aptitude test, and simply get up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Which sounds admirable in theory. But in my experience, it’s really not the smartest way to go.

Some may attempt to fill in the gaps in their knowledge, but with little to no rhyme or reason. They just keep googling at random, hoping they’ll have that magical ‘ah-ha!’ moment that will get them over the line.

The key to seeing an increase in your Aptitude Test score is to have a plan for improvement. 

You need to evaluate where you went wrong, and create a clear path forward - otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of your precious time, and just go insane.

This is why I created my Aptitude Test preparation strategy.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The Firefighter Aptitude Test is the number one killer in the entire recruitment process.

And it’s not surprising - when you’re unprepared, it’s a stressful test to take.

You sit there trying to second-guess what questions will come up, if you'll be able to answer them, and if you'll have enough time to finish the test.

You question if you'll be one of the few that come out on top… or if you’ll be just another applicant that fails to progress to the next stage.

You keep ending up on the sidelines, watching other applicants progress and wondering. What exactly are they doing to pass? What do they know that I don’t?

It's a really terrible spot to be in. But there is another option - you can plan ahead, use my simple & Free "Aptitude Improvement Blueprint", and get prepared.

Imagine opening the test with a sense of calm and confidence. You feel thoroughly prepared because you know your stuff inside-out; you know you’re not going to be surprised or caught off-guard. 

As you dive into the test, you find the early questions to be easy. You build momentum and grow in confidence with each passing moment.

You understand how your test results will be assessed unlike 97% of people taking the same test, this gives you a quite confidence of an almost unfair advantage

You finish the test with time to spare - you’re confident that you've smashed it, and are ready to progress to the next level of the recruitment journey. 

That’s the reality I want for you.

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Use my free blueprint as your secret weapon 

Properly Prepare For Your Aptitude Test In Just 5 Steps

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The following steps are my method of ensuring that you are actually prepared the next time you attempt the Aptitude Test.

This is the exact action sequence I use to help my clients completely avoid that cycle of insanity, and get in the best possible position to see a higher score in their next test attempt.

My strategy takes a five-pronged approach to test preparation - and we’re going to go through each of those steps in detail.

1. Find The Low-Hanging Fruit

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The first step of Aptitude Test preparation is to analyse your previous test attempt (or attempts), and identify opportunities to make maximum improvement with minimal effort, as quickly as possible.

I like to think of this step as finding the low-hanging fruit, because it’s much like picking fruit off of a tree: 

By picking all of the fruit closest to the ground first, you can quickly fill up your basket with a relatively small amount of effort. 

Then you can work your way up the tree, and begin collecting the fruit that will take you more effort to reach.

In order to do this step effectively, you’ll need to go back through your test results, and make a record of the questions you struggled with the most. Keep in mind that the more specific you can be, the better.

Sidenote: If you haven’t officially taken the Aptitude Test before, you can use a practice test for this process and achieve the same outcome - just ensure that your practice test is up-to-date and relevant.

Look at these questions, and try to identify the skills that are required to answer them correctly. 

Tally up how many you got wrong for each question type - whichever area has the most amount of incorrect answers is where you should laser focus your study efforts first.

For example: remember Matt, who I mentioned earlier? This step was an absolute game-changer for him and his test score. 

We went through his last test and analysed the questions he got wrong.

We found he was struggling the most with verbal reasoning and english skills, so these were the areas where we focused our coaching. 

After just one hour of my assistance and a new framework, he retook the test, and saw a 27% increase in his score.

When you prioritise your study efforts in this way, it allows you to work smarter, and get more bang for your buck.

2. Make The Time

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Most of us have a lot on our plates; we’re all trying to juggle work, family responsibilities, and a social life. 

This packed schedule means we’re always waiting for that perfect time to study. But the harsh reality is, you’re never going to find it - this means you have to intentionally make the time.

A strategy I use personally is to look at exactly how I’m using my time throughout the week, and split my schedule into two categories: negotiable, and non-negotiable.

For example, going to work - that’s a non-negotiable. We gotta put food on the table somehow.

But the couple of hours I spend watching tv when I get home at night - that’s negotiable. I can pretty easily swap that out for studying. Most people don't do this which gives you a massive opportunity

Sidenote: You need to ensure you’re using good quality, relevant test materials. The last thing you want to do is carve out study time, only to waste it by practising the wrong stuff like most applicants. Doing this will let you achieve results that others simply can’t get in three times the amount of practice.

If you really want to see an increase in your Aptitude Test score, you must work smart and be disciplined and dedicated.

Because if you don’t make the time for improvement, you simply won’t improve.

3. Prioritise Fast Improvement

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People usually say that slow and steady wins the race - but in the case of improving your Aptitude Test score, I actually believe the opposite.

One of the biggest things we prioritise with our coaching is speed; we want to see significant improvements in your test score, fast!

These 5 steps I’m walking you through today are about preparing for your Aptitude Test in a way that’s both effective and efficient. Finding ways to learn and retain the information you need, quickly, plays a key role in that.

One huge mistake that I see a lot of people make in their preparation efforts is dawdling - they will stay fixed on one area of study for far longer than they need to. This is time you will never get back, it's also not going to make the difference.

A great way to avoid making this same mistake yourself is to make use of hyper relevant practice Aptitude Tests & Test questions.

You can use practice test questions as a measuring stick, and only spend time studying one area until you have your framework locked down and feel comfortable answering those question types - no more, no less.

But by far the best way to see quick improvement in your Aptitude Test score is a combination of:

  • Identifying and prioritising your areas of weakness, and
  • Using high-quality coaching to strengthen them.

Note: When I work with you in my Elite Firefighter Accelerator program, you gain access to world-class coaching and systems, as well as up-to-date practice Aptitude Tests - giving you the opportunity to see your test before test day. Click here to see your test before your competiton.

4. Use Relevant Material

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Speaking of studying effectively and efficiently, it’s absolutely vital that you use study materials that are actually relevant to you. 

You can spend hours upon hours studying for your retake, but if you’re referencing old, out-of-date material, you might as well not have studied at all.

And it’s not just about using old test material - each state’s fire service will have their own Aptitude Test with their own unique questions. You need to make sure what you’re studying is applicable to your state’s test service provider. 

It might not sound like a big deal, but the importance of using relevant study material should not be underestimated. This is particularly true when the recruitment is so competitive

I’ve seen people fail their Aptitude Test 4, 5, even 6 years in a row, all because the material they were studying was generic, out-of-date, and completely irrelevant.

When I’ve worked with guys who had previously experienced multiple failed attempts, the use of relevant study materials was the single biggest difference in what got them across the line.

In the Elite Firefighter Accelerator Program, we take this step very seriously. 

All of our reference material comes directly from the most recent tests for each state’s fire service, so you can be assured that your study efforts won’t go to waste.

Tests are changing and evolving constantly - I make sure to stay ferociously on top of this, because I’ve seen how much of a difference relevant material makes. 

There have been times that something has changed on a test, and I’ve pulled an all-nighter working with my question writer to keep our material up-to-date, and make sure our guys win.

5. Be Strategic

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Being fully prepared to take or retake the Aptitude Test requires strategy - not only in how you prepare, but also how you take the test itself.

In my experience, strategy combined with the right knowledge always beats relying solely on natural ability and winging it. 

This seems obvious enough, but unfortunately, a lot of people think they have enough smarts to go into their test without a strategic approach to tackle it.

I don’t know how many times I’ve encouraged people to follow the plan, and instead they have decided to just wing it; they go it alone, only to come back to me 12 months later ready to use my proven and simple system. Sometimes I have to turn them away because of the limit of people I work with at 1 time, I hate having to do this but simply not everyone can get selected.

Going into the test with a plan of attack will put you in a much better position than relying solely on your existing knowledge to get you through. 

And the more specific the plan, the better - that’s why me and my team develop personalised test taking strategies for our clients.

One of my more basic tried and true test-taking strategies is to go through the test in order, but only answer the questions you can complete easily and quickly.

When you come across a question that you know is difficult and will take you more time to answer, move on, and come back to it at the end.

This method is something that I get my clients to work on with my coach, they work together to create a personalised test taking strategy of their own. 

With practice, you become quicker at identifying questions that might give you trouble based on previous study and practice test attempts.

Remember step one when we spoke about low-hanging fruit? This tactic is very much in that same vein; you prioritise the questions you can answer fast and with minimal effort, and save the harder, more time-consuming ones for later.

It’s techniques like these that will put you in the top 1%; you will have tactics up your sleeve that absolutely none of your competitors are using.

And as some of the online tests are becoming more complex, me and my team develop new and improved systems to ensure you can clean up, no matter how the test is presented.

When it comes to taking the Aptitude Test, you’ve got a couple of options:

You can wing it, cross your fingers, and guess your way through the test. Do the same thing you did last year and hope for a different result

Or, you can easily master the Aptitude Test, just by having a simple, personalised plan to get you prepared so you can progress.

Don’t do what the other 95% are doing; stop wasting hours fumbling around, wondering what you should study and how.

Beat the competition and get ahead with personalised coaching, planning, and study guidance. 

Click the button below to get the blueprint - otherwise, the very people you want to beat will.

Use my free blueprint as your secret weapon 

Acing The Aptitude Test Is Only Part Of The Story

Today, we’ve laid out your plan of attack to increase your Aptitude Test score - now all you have to do is execute it.

Proper and complete execution of the above  5 preparation steps will put you head and shoulders above your competition in this part of the recruitment process.

But keep in mind, while the Aptitude Test is the biggest hurdle of the firefighter recruitment process, there are other factors at play; there are other tests you need to pass, and criteria you must meet. Some of these are used in conjunction with your aptitude test to decide if you will progress or not

Getting yourself prepared for all aspects of recruitment is a lot to juggle on your own.

You’ve seen how many mistakes people make in just Aptitude Testing alone - it’s not hard to imagine how many other stumbling blocks there are in other parts of the process.

But that’s why I created my Elite Firefighter Accelerator Program. 

Because I’ve been in your shoes before.

I've felt the frustration of trying and failing. I understand how isolating it can be to navigate that failure on your own. 

I’ve lived through the disappointment of watching others make it, and having to tell everyone that I didn’t.

And I know the confusion of trying to figure out how to move forward.

unnamed (12)

So, what is the Elite Firefighter Accelerator Program?

The Elite Firefighter Accelerator Program shortcuts the pain and pitfalls of the recruitment process that keep many aspiring firefighters stuck for years, before they finally quit and accept they will never get the chance to march out in that uniform in front of their kids, family, friends.

My program offers in-depth and detailed guidance. We use in-house testing software and material, coupled with coaching in the five specific areas that are the most common stumbling blocks to recruitment.

The unique advantages we have over other options is our laser-focus on detail and quality, my own first-hand experience with fire services, and our proven systems that have been developed, then refined constantly for well over a decade.

And most importantly, our program's testing material is up-to-date and directly relevant to your state’s fire service - unlike that generic stuff that I see other testing companies using.

Here’s what’s included in the program:

Elite Firefighter Accelerator Program

I want you to become a firefighter - without wasting years of your life, frustration, money, and effort on things that simply do not work. Here’s how we’re going to do this:

  • Roadmap - First, I get you on a  call so we can figure out where you are at right now, and make an action plan to move you forward quickly. We will make you a personalised Roadmap, A Plan of attack for you to follow. This works along with providing follow-up 1-1 assistance to keep you on track. This means you will never be stuck wondering what to work on or how and you know that every minute you put into study is actually making a difference

  • Mindset- I need to get you into the winning mindset. Much like many performance athletes, we are looking for  all the 1% increases to ensure you come out in front of other applicants. Applicants looking to get your place. This is one of the areas you work on with Australia's leading mindset coach for firefighters

  • Application Builder - We want to make sure you are putting in a strong application so you look good and start building a positive profile from the get-go. You will get on-demand access to my Application Builder video course, plus I will review your resume, cover letter and any application related questions they throw at you. I also have all of this part of the process reviewed by our professional resume writer and verbal reasoning coach.

  • Aptitude Engine - This is where we implement our unique system to make sure you can post the very best score you are capable of. You will get access to my Advanced Aptitude Test video course and all of my study materials practice tests, aptitude improvement software, plus 1:1 coaching session, and weekly coaching.

  • Firefighter Personality Profiler - We show you the ideal firefighter profile, as you learn about how to interpret the test, as well as see real time examples of successful applicants. You will get access to my library of video courses that cover all these test types and practice tests specifically developed to identify any issues you may have. We then couple this with guidance from our in-house organisational psychologist to ensure this doesn't trip you up.

  • Interview Formula - We make sure that you are able to present in the top few % in any interview situation, group, panel, online. With my advanced video course, interview improvement software and coaching sessions, you will hit all of the requirements and easily outshine your competition.

  • PAT Accelerator - We will establish your baseline fitness, and give you a personalised workout plan that will strengthen any areas of weakness to ensure you pass the physical test.

Rest assured, when you work with us, you won't be navigating this path alone. 

I'll be here every step of the way to support you, answer your questions, and ensure you stay on track.

Through our weekly coaching sessions, you'll have the opportunity to bring your queries, concerns, and challenges. Together, we'll work through them, keeping your momentum high and maximising your chances of success. 

You can think of me as your firefighter recruitment sherpa, leading you through the entire recruitment process.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll be given access to behind-the-scenes information and the latest strategies, provided by real Fire Service Recruitment specialists and actual serving firefighters. 

The team I have assembled is trained and experienced in helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a firefighter. You can count on us to equip you with up-to-date insights and valuable tips, giving you the competitive edge throughout the process.

This is where the almost unfair advantage comes in. Have a think about all those other poor applicants that are now up against you armed with this guidance and knowledge.

unnamed (13)

This just scratches the surface of our coaching team.

Each of these core coaches have a team of specialists working alongside them, all united in the single goal of getting you selected. 

All of my experts and specialists coming together as one unit allows you to achieve results that you can’t get by working with one individual coach alone. My team have been in the firefighter recruitment trenches for years, we have unmatchable experience and it is all focussed on one outcome, getting you selected.

Note: My team is dedicated to getting you recruited - so we guarantee to work with you until you do. But places are limited - click here to reserve yours before someone else does.

Now It’s Your Turn

Getting a job as a firefighter is definitely not an easy task. 

You’ve seen today just how many mistakes people make just preparing for their Aptitude Test - we didn’t even touch on the other parts of the recruitment process.

But the biggest thing I want you to take away from reading this is that there are strategies and tools that you can use to make the process much easier on yourself.

People often waste years of their life just trying to get recruited - but you don’t have to.

In my mind, you’ve got a couple of options:

Option 1: You go it alone - The Slow, Frustrating Path.

If you choose this option, you'll be going it alone on your journey through the recruitment process. You might try to piece together information you've read online, experiment with trial and error, use generic testing websites, and attempt to navigate the process solo.

However, these methods are known to be the slowest and most frustrating way. At the end of the day, this road will bring you nowhere near achieving your desired results.

Unfortunately, this option is a path that will quickly lead to heartbreak and embarrassment. It’s a path that many, knowingly or not, choose to take.

But this is where the opportunity is.

The fact that most people will not do what it takes leaves the door wide open for those that will; those that understand that this is a life changing career and not just another job, so it requires proportional effort and smarts to achieve.

So you can keep banging your head against the wall, trying to go through the recruitment process on your own; you can keep wasting your precious time being unorganised and unfocused in your preparations, and getting the disappointing test scores to show for it…

Or, you could go with the second option.

Option 2: You work with us.

You can take a nuts and bolts, A to Z system that's been proven to work in every fire service around Australia. 

Shortcut all the trial and error that I (along with thousands of others) had to go through, so that you can get exactly where you want to be.

The Elite Firefighter Accelerator program will give you the best chance you'll ever have to become a professional firefighter here in Australia. 

I will give you a simple plan so you know exactly what steps to take for improvement. 

You'll know the questions and what to expect on the test, and exactly what to expect at each stage so that you can dominate the entire process.

Me and my team will help you avoid all of the common mistakes and give you the best opportunity to succeed, the first time around.

Get the proven shortcut to becoming a firefighter.

We're currently filling up to 55% of firefighter recruit courses with people that have used our system. 

This means that more than half of the people on a recruit course at any one time throughout Australia have come through this system. 

What this also means is that our program is consistently packed to the gills - with your competitors. 

Imagine showing up for your interview, and the guy that comes after you has been working with myself and my team, and you haven't. There's more than a fair chance that they're going to outperform you, and you'll have to come back again next year.

So the decision you make today could literally be the difference between someone knocking you out of your dream, or you knocking them out. 

And frankly, I'd rather it be you. I want you to be the person nailing each test and getting the call up.

Places are limited - first come, first served. Click the button to reserve a spot before someone else does.

Brent Clayton

   Brent C
  Active Firefighter
Fire Recruitment Australia Founder