Becoming A Firefighter In South Australia

For our comprehensive guide on SAMFS recruitment, please visit our dedicated resources – it is packed with useful information and expert advice with a comprehensive overview of the recruitment requirements. 

Personality Profiling and Abilities Assessment

If you are successful in your application, the next step will be an assessment. This assessment will allow the fire service to judge whether you have the character traits needed to become a firefighter for the Metropolitan Fire Service.

The test will be taken online from your home without supervision; it’s vital you don’t abuse this. Applicant authenticity is taken very seriously and there are strict controls in place to ensure you don’t cheat. If your test results are found to be inauthentic you could face severe consequences.

The assessment will last approximately 90 minutes. If you pass the assessment your result will be valid for up to two years. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access feedback for either part of the assessment.

Quick Tip: make use of practice tests to prepare so you know what to expect when the big day comes. Click here to try this free practice aptitude test.

Physical Aptitude Test 1 (PAT 1)

Your next challenge will be the PAT 1 Shuttle Run. This test is known as the BEEP test and will test your cardiovascular fitness. You will be required to run back and forth between two points 20 meters apart.

The goal is to get to each point in time with the beep sounds which get progressively faster making the test harder as it goes on.

In order to proceed to the next stage, you will need to achieve a score of 9.6

The test will be held at the MFS Adelaide Station Gymnasium. It’s important you bring the following with you:

  • Proof of identity
  • Evidence of being able to reside in Australia permanently
  • A completed medical examiners declaration
  • Your applicant’s declaration


Here is a BEEP test demonstration video:

If you want more further information on the PAT 1 & PAT2 test I suggest reading this document.

Quick Tip: during preparation, don’t train to reach 9.6 try to go well beyond this. This will allow you to easily reach the pass mark during the real test!

Panel Interview

A Panel Interview is the next stage in the recruitment process. This is your chance to show that you are a suitable candidate and have a passion to join the fire service.

The questions you face will allow the interviewer to analyse your transferable skills, life experience and get to know how well suited you are to a career as a firefighter in South Australia.

Before the interview, you will need to submit a copy of your CV, which will be discussed with the panel. Once your interview has finished, you will need to complete an Informed Consent Form, which will allow the MFS to obtain a record of your criminal history.

This will only be processed if you are successful during the interview. It’s also important that you bring a photocopy of your birth certificate or passport and a photocopy of your driver’s licence.

Quick Tip: try to prepare a couple of questions to ask the interviewers. This shows you’ve done your homework but also demonstrates your willingness to learn more about the service.

Physical Aptitude Test 2 (PAT 2)

The second physical aptitude test is made up of simulated tasks that you would be expected to face as a firefighter. This demonstrates your competency in performing the real-life tasks that occur at the scene of an emergency or rescue operation.

Whether you’re male or female you will be completing the same test and will be expected to complete it to the same standard.

This part of the recruitment process takes place at the MFS Headquarters and you will need to bring proof of identity as well as the applicant’s declaration with you.

Quick Tip: use the video above to familiarise yourself with the tasks in the PAT 2. This will help you make tweaks to your training plan that will benefit your performance on the day of the test.

Pre-Employment Checks

If you successfully reach this stage you will be given 5 weeks to provide the MFS with the following documentation (costs to be covered by the applicant):

  • Evidence of a current and valid MR licence.
  • A copy of current First Aid Certification for Provide First Aid (HLTAID003)

During this time the MFS will complete your criminal history check and seek your work references.

Recruitment Dates

Firefighter recruitment dates and outlook for Fire and rescue South Australia this year.

Education Requirements

SAMFS firefighter high school requirements 

Medical Checks

You will be expected to attend a series of medical examinations. These are based upon the standards of health and fitness required of a career firefighter. Such examinations include:

  • Respiratory
  • Audiology
  • Full Medical

If further assessments are required these will be arranged by the MFS who will also cover any associated costs. Before your appointments, you will need to allow 15 minutes to fill out the appropriate forms.