FRV Firefighter Recruitment

FRV Firefighter Recruitment

FRV Firefighter Recruitment

FRV Firefighter Recruitment

With the victorian government passing new fire service legislation in Victoria recently CFA and MFB will be joining to create a new state fire service that will be known as FRV or Fire Rescue Victoria.

With this in mind there has been many questions about what this will mean going forward for firefighter recruitment in the state of Victoria, hence the name of this article FRV firefighter recruitment.

I want to give you some insight into what I see as the big outcomes of this change in legislation if you are an aspiring firefighter looking for a career with FRV.

Before I do I would like to pint you to some of my earlier insights on this topic that have come to fruition along with a recent video detailing the major points below.

Prediction FRV formation and what it will mean: post from 2017, 2 years before the legislation passed months ago

FRV Firefighter Recruitment Explanation Video

Watch on YOUTUBE:

The Top Six:

Changes to consider when looking at joining FRV as a Firefighter.

  • Increased opportunity for aspiring firefighters with Fire Rescue Victoria. More fire stations to cover risk profile and service delivery within communities.
  • More diversity/ affirmative action during the firefighter recruitment process
  • Increased job security.
  • More locations available across the state of Victoria meaning you wont be locked into just the CBD if you want to pursue a career as a firefighter with FRV.
  • Increased shift numbers meaning higher levels of safety and better response capacity for service delivery.
  • Increased competition being the only fire service in the state and a raising of testing standards for entry.




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  • 2019-07-14

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