Basic Requirements For Being A Firefighter Recruit

Being A Firefighter Recruit

If you are planning to become a fire fighter, it is vital to know the requirements of this career. Requirements for becoming a firefighter recruit are usually more stringent in large metropolitan areas because of the difficulty of getting access to homes and commercial buildings in compact locations. Generally, firefighting requires a level of training and knowledge so that recruits can be prepared to rescue people and deal with fires under various circumstances.

Although there are usually some variations in standards from one fire department to another, the basic requirements are usually the same. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you apply as a recruit. You will also understand the possible ways of furthering your career in this profession.

You have to meet the age requirement before you can apply. The general standard is that applicants must be between 18 and 29 years old at the time of the application. However, some departments can extend the maximum age past 30 years. Make sure you check the age ranges in your local area. If you are within the age range, you should also have at least ten years of schooling with good results in all subjects.

It is important to know that this profession is open only to citizens of the country or individuals that possess a permanent resident status. Each applicant must also have a valid drivers license. Background checks are usually conducted and drug screening may be necessary in some instances. Individuals with criminal histories and those who fail the drug test are likely to be disqualified from becoming firefighters.

Firefighter applicants are required to pass a physical fitness test that is normally rigorous. This profession is incredibly demanding physically. It is therefore vital to have excellent upper body strength, good cardiovascular fitness and acceptable endurance abilities. If you want to pass the physical fitness test, you must train yourself to be able to climb stairs easily, lift heavy weights and run distances.

The physical examination is another crucial component of the requirements. A number of firefighters have died of cardiovascular conditions when in fire fighting situations. This is why all recruits are required to have excellent heart health. A good lung capacity, excellent coordination, muscle fitness and flexibility will help you to pass the physical examination.

After the physical exam and tests, candidates will also be taken through a written examination. This examination must be passed before you can qualify for the training school. You have to answer questions that are designed to determine your basic abilities and cognitive skills in the areas of reading, writing as well as mathematics. A personality assessment may also be conducted to evaluate your ability to endure the stress usually experienced in emergency rescue situations.

Once you have passed these basic requirements, you will then be permitted to enter into the training program of the fire department. The program is normally a combination of hands-on exercises and classroom training. At the end of this training, all recruits will undergo a certification test. Once you pass this test, you are officially a firefighter.

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