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Firefighting Job Information

Firefighters have unique jobs. They sometimes are faced with dangerous situations and at the same time, can receive a great deal of career satisfaction. If you have ever thought about a firefighting job in Australia, this information may be very helpful.

Types of Professional Firefighters

There are two basic types of fire fighters: full-time and retained/auxiliary. A retained position is part-time and you are used when needed. This is a good way to get some experience and exposure if you haven’t been successful in becoming a firefighter  yet, or if you simply only want part time.

In order to become a part-time firefighter you need to possess the requirements, aptitude and skills of full-time professionals, it is less competitive meaning there is a higher chance of getting a part time position.

Firefighter Medical

Good health is a requirement, as you are expected to pass a firefighter medical examination. Colour blindness may disqualify you from employment. If you have been arrested for serious crimes you may not be able to apply, as you will have a complete background check. However, this depends on the situation and the service.

Firefighter Tests

You should have good literacy skills. Basic math skills are important too. It is also good to have a working knowledge on how to operate computers. Your cognitive ability will be obtained through testing by the fire service in most cases or a third party provider.

Residency Requirements

You will need to be a permanent resident of Australia. This can be proven with a birth certificate. If you have immigrated, you must supply permanent resident documents to prove residency. Here is a full list of firefighter requirements in Australia.

ID and Certificate Requirements

A normal Australian driver’s license is necessary. However, an HR or Heavy Rigid license is eventually required. If not, you may not be allowed to progress.

You also will need a first aid certificate. This must be taken at an approved source. When unsure, it is always best to contact your local firefighter service for the proper information about necessary training and prerequisites.

Firefighter Recruit Training

Can last around four months, and your first six months will be probationary in most cases. If you perform all tasks satisfactory you should be able to become a full-time professional as soon as the probationary period ends.

General conditions can vary as some crews may work a 24 hour shift followed by three days off. Others may work 10 or 14 hour shifts for four days and then have four days off. In some areas you might work a standard Monday through Friday 40 hour work week.

Can Firefighters have beards, Tattoos or Piercings?

You will need to adhere to specific uniform dress policies, general hygiene. Services will not allow beards or long hair without it being tied up. There also may be regulations on tattoos, If you have tattoos and you want to know more about whether or not firefighters can have tattoos I have written about it more extensively.


Firefighter Pay

For per state  firefighter pay in Australia  .Average pay is about $70,000. Starting pay may be around $50,000 annually for recruit phase. You will  accumulate generous sick leave entitlement in most cases, and most firefighters with less than ten years of service get about 8 to 9 weeks holiday per year, in addition to their normal days off.

For service specific information go to the state pages like how to become a firefighter in Victoria, I have included detailed information for each specific state there.

Maybe you are dependable person that does not mind working odd hours. You might like working with your hands, enjoy helping others, and the many challenges that life places in front of you. Perhaps you would like a job that is not the same old thing every day and you never what to expect. You might enjoy a position as firefighter. It can be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. The pay is good and you will receive excellent benefits. Also, this profession should provide great job security as top firefighters will always be in demand.

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