Australian Firefighting Job Duties And Conditions

If you are looking for a good job with a future, you might want to consider being a firefighter. This could be a great opportunity for the right individuals. Here is additional information on conditions, duties, and benefits, of a firefighting job in Australia.

Most firefighters have 10 / 14 hour duties.

In other words, you will be required to work a specific shift of 2 – 10 hr days followed by 2 – 14 hr nights . Some firefighters work several days (in which they are on call 24 hours) and then are off several days in succession. Your exact shift hours and days can vary according to the position that you take.

Some people may work normal 40 hour weeks, generally the higher ranked management type positions.

Some employers hire firefighters on probationary periods. This period can last for several months. In most cases, pre-employment checks are needed, especially when taking a firefighter job with an organisation as you are required to work within the community in a trusted position.

Firefighters are expected to dress according to certain standards. For men, hair may need to be a certain length. Also, neatness and tidiness in appearance is necessary.

Your job will be all about working with people. If you are not comfortable with social interactions you may not find the job to be satisfying. However, when you like to work with others, and appreciate working with a diverse range of people, this could be a very satisfying position.

Teamwork is an essential component of this job. This is not a position for loners as you will be part of a team effort in times of emergency. The lives of many people (including your co-workers) will depend on your ability to function with others as a well tuned unit.

During the course of your work, you will have to deal with human tragedy and suffering. This is something that you should be familiar with and ready to accept. People from all walks of life and ages may die while you are in the process of doing your job.

Job conditions include being in a relaxed environment when there is no fire emergency present. However, you must be able to act fast and be ready to move on very short notice. This is something that you should be comfortable with. Physical fitness is a vital part of your job. You will be expected to be in good shape. You also must maintain your health and physical condition.

Firefighter recruits average about $50,000 –  annually. With experience and advancement, one can earn around $65,000 per year or more as a base level firefighter. These jobs usually come with generous leave and sick pay programs. Retirement benefits are also provided. In most cases the Fire services will recruit on a yearly basis

Fire service jobs provide the opportunity for advancement. With time on the job and proven skills, you can become a higher class firefighter. This will provide better pay and different duties.

If you are in good health and physical condition, you may wish to look into the field of firefighting. These jobs will always be in demand as fires and emergencies will always be present. If you do not mind putting up with some of the inconveniences and hard work, you might find this to be a very rewarding profession.

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