Fire Service Recruitment Insider Advice

Fire Service Recruitment Insider Advice

It seems to be a common belief that you have to have very specific skills and attributes to become successful and land a job as a firefighter.

Although some specific skills, physical abilities and other attribute can help you during the fire service recruitment and selection process this does not mean that it is not possible or in many cases that it will make it harder for you to be selected due to any shortfalls you may think you have.

I have had discussions over recent times with professionals in recruitment and indeed within fire service recruitment, it has become very clear to me over the past few years that this is a very common and indeed wrong view when in actual fact these are the things that the fire service recruitment team are really looking for.

The main thing the fire service recruitment team are looking for is that you will be able to be taught and absorb the concepts and skills required to turn you into a good firefighter, this far outweighs any specific trait such as being extra strong etc. Allot of this comes through the data you provide in the aptitude test, psychometric profiling and interview. This is the information that is scrutinised in order to decide wether you are a fit or not so don’t just think that you shouldn’t bother because you don’t think you are what they are looking for.

Top 5 things Fire Service Recruitment Are Looking For

the 5 top things they looks for in a potential recruit. I have summarised these to share with you. It will be worth while having a look at this list and thinking how these qualities and abilities apply to you.


1.     Ability to communicate

2.     Knowledge of the role

3.     Your knowledge of their organisation

4.     Your demonstrated ability to perform under adverse circumstances

5.     Proven ability to operate effectively as part of a team

I hope this has given you some insight into the process and refreshed your outlook on the process.

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  • 9 years ago