There are 2 Types of People

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I have been thinking about why I started Fire Recruitment Australia. How can I better help people that are willing to do the work, and make the sacrifices that are sometimes necessary to get yourself into a career that takes the top 5% (if your lucky).

The thing I have noticed throughout my journey over the past 10 years or so is that you can only help people who not only are willing to do the hard yards, but have the optimism, sincere commitment and perspective in most cases.

I wanted to be able to help people that were in the position I found myself in back in 2007, regardless of their financial situation. So I went about creating different products that offered people options depending on what they could afford to invest in them.

Over time I observed a couple of significant behaviours that influenced the way in which I decided to do this.

After a period of time I thought, “I’ll make all the books free so anybody can have a copy”.

The problem with this approach is this. If you get given something for free without any work you are severely less likely to consume it which in-turn means you are even less likely to execute anything from within it. It turns out that is how human nature works, we perceive something free as having less value even though it may have the singular piece of life altering information we need. Needless to say I scrapped that idea. My interactions with people and further thinking continued, leading me to where I am at today.

There are 2 types of people

I have dealt with and helped hundreds of people of the last few years, some more enjoyable than others. On a fundamental level this is what I noticed as a theme and the difference between those that are successful in their pursuits and those that are not.

Firstly, a quick run down with my personal experience and growth. Any time I have heavily invested in myself and gone outside of my comfort zone whether it be time, money or both has been the biggest pay off or ROI of anything I have ever done in my life so far. This means for me that my perspective sees opportunity and excitement through investing in myself.

Person 1

This type of person commits to an outcome and takes responsibility for their actions and the outcomes in relation to the goal. They will be able to frame a setback as a real learning experience and grow from it. This type of person will go outside of the ordinary and seek opportunities to grow that the average person will not; they understand that truly good things take time and severe effort to achieve. An extreme example of person 1 from my world is a guy I became friends with recently after he reached out and shared his journey with me, you can read about Baker Dawas here

That covers the first type of person in general.

  • Optimistic & Committed
  • Action taker
  • Responsible for decisions
  • Sees challenges as opportunities

Person 2

The next type of person tends to see things from a more pessimistic perspective, Ill give a quick example from the world I operate in.

The book I talked about above retails for 37 dollars, person number 2 will be fixated on the 37 dollars that they have to invest, not the fact that there is a resource that could potentially change life, as they know it. This is the fundamental unconscious perspective from person type 2, they don’t mean to see things this way it’s just inherent in their view of the world. People that fall into this category in my experience spend most of their life focusing on how to get ahead without investing in them. They tend to spend their energy focusing on how to get something for nothing instead of focusing on the bigger prize of personal development at all costs and committing to their own success. In my experience the people that fall into this category experience far less prosperity and have a hard time taking responsibility for the circumstances they find themselves in.

  • Pessimistic
  • Prefer things to be the fault of others
  • Have trouble seeing the exponential ROI on investing in themselves for the long term

Of course not everybody falls in to one of these two types, it’s more of a generalisation of the extremes I have noticed in my short time thus far.

My reason for sharing this article with you is because it has become so clear to me the value of investing in yourself for the long term. When you understand the value of investing in yourself and take action in a positive, committed direction you are most likely to be successful in your chosen pursuits. If you do this you will find people and organisations wanting to invest in you.

I hope you get something tangible out of reading this piece even if it just moves you to a slightly more positive perspective.

Thanks for reading.



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