Fire Service Entry Requirements – To Become A Firefighter


Fire Service Entry Requirements – To Become A Firefighter

Fire service Entry Requirements.

Before putting in hours of effort and preparation it is extremely important that you check the fire service entry requirements.

in regards to medical, physical and citizenship requirement to make sure you are eligible to join.You can generally find this information out through the fire service website.

Specific to the fire service that you are applying to. Ringing the HR Recruitment team or asking a current fire fighter to look into it for you or point you in the right direction.

Although each fire service differs slightly depending on the state or territory you live in. in general you will need the following to apply and/or join an Australian fire service.

Fire Service Entry Requirements – Become A Firefighter Sooner.

1. Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

2. Pre-­Employment Medical Assessment.

3. National Police Check.

4. Valid Drivers Licence.

5. First Aid Certificate.

6. Aptitude requirement. ( schooling requirement – more info in other articles. ).

The 6 things I have listed above are a definite for becoming a firefighter. within all fire services in Australia. so make sure you tick all of the boxes above before expending more energy on your journey to become a firefighter. There is always an aptitude component as part of fire service entry requirement, this differs slightly depending on which service you are applying for but in most cases this is required over any specific schooling level.

There are cases where firefighters from different countries may be able to do an exchange or similar. without being a permanent resident or citizen but we are mainly talking about how to become a firefighter. and want to give you the best information for this along the way.

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