Getting My Dream Job: A Firefighter’s Story

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Getting My Dream Job: A Firefighter’s Story

Sam Witmitz, born and bred in the Wimmera.

A bit of my background… I always knew that my purpose in life, there was something bigger and for me the dream was always to be a firefighter. So this massive grand plan — yep no worries. [Then] into the fire brigade, yeah, it’s not that easy.

It really became prevalent for me sitting in there. I remember I was in the middle of the Math section of the Aptitude testing. I was sitting there with this feeling of — it’s really hard to describe. Uhhh, like one— disappointment, because you know straight away that you have no chance of passing but two— also a little bit embarrassed that I’d fully underestimated the challenge I’ve set for myself.

But also, in saying that, like you learned from that and that’s when I was like “right. Well, this isn’t something you’re just going to breeze through, no worries.” It was “yeah, right. We’ve really got to get down to business now and put some bloody effort into it.” So this is when I first got in contact with Brent, got a couple of resources. I was like “right, yeah. I’m going to have to work really hard towards this so I worked my ass off re-teaching myself long division and from that point, like at least a couple hours a day like a few months out from that Aptitude test and I remember from that first experience to the second time that I was at the aptitude testing just like — totally different, because you’re sitting in there and you’re just crushing through the questions and been feeling so much more calm, confident and yeah, walking the other day, having like you don’t really know but sometimes you’re like yeah, YEAH, I have a chance here.

And then, when I got the email saying “yep, you’ve successfully passed the aptitude testing. Your next stage is the screening interview at this date…”. Yeah, I remember passing that Aptitude test and like a million — a little bit of disbelief but at the same time, I’m like yeah, uhm, I’ve bloody worked hard for that. So from the aptitude testing that went into screening interview and then the physical assessment— that PAT test, and then, into the final interview.

And so, I was walking in there feeling not too bad about it. I did heaps of work but turns out I’m sitting there in front of this panel interview and he’d move with questions and I’ve got nothing. I’ve got donuts. And it was like, it was really similar to that when I failed the Aptitude test where you just feel like an idiot.

Walking out of that last interview, I was like, I’ve worked so hard for this but I’ve focused my attention on the wrong stuff so I went straight back to Brent again just for guidance. Same work ethic. So, I’m still putting in heaps and heaps of time. Pretty much treating the process like a second job but focused in the right direction.

Going back into that final interview again, I had a totally different way. You’re feeling calm, confident. Yeah, you still got a little bit of anxiety and nerves and stuff like that but that’s because you want it. Final interview done. So, I’m at work. Got the phone on the bench, on loud, making sure I was ready. And when I got the call and I saw it’s from a number that I didn’t know, I was like “(whew) no way”, answered it and sure enough, here it is. We’re in! And I was like, yeah, it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it today. It’s like I’ve never been so proud of myself. You’ve got a list of people that you want to call straight away and for me, it was like — partner, family, and then Brent was number three on the line. And having that convo with Brent when I actually got in, aww, mate! Oh, so good! Still gives me the warm fuzzies. Yeah, like tingling in the face right there. Yeah, bloody good! And yet, forever thankful for being there for me. I’ve worked my ass off for years to get that and yeah, it’s like, just knowing that I’ve invested in myself — time and money to achieve a dream and like I’m so thankful for the position I’m in now and with that limbo that I felt like I was in life, that was, that was torture for me! But I’m so bloody glad I stuck it out and now I’m living a dream. It’s, it’s yeah, it’s, I’m super super thankful! If you’re in that same position where I was where you’re in a job that you don’t love and you’ve been going through the process and you’re fighting it, don’t give up on it! If you keep working hard with the right guidance, you’re going to get there! So don’t settle for second best because you always now within that this is what you wanted to do and you gave up. Don’t do that and I can speak for myself now, now I’m in the job, living the dream. Uhm, it’s something I’ll forever thankful for— that I stuck to my guns and really just committed to getting in.



Hey guys!

That was Sam’s success story. It feels great to hear from people like him.
The world needs more inspiration like Sam. And like Sam, may we all get to live our dream and we hope to also be part of your journey getting there.


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