The Benefits of Being a Firefighter

The Benefits of Being a Firefighter

If you’re planning to become a firefighter in Australia, you’ll be surprised with the benefits that come along with it. It might not be the most glamorous or, often times, the most demanding job, but the perks you will get are plenty enough that you’d want to pursue the career until retirement. In this blog, we will try to enumerate the benefits, both tangible and intangible, of being a firefighter.

Job Security

After going through undefined & competitive exams, interviews, and training, the first benefit that you can get as a professional firefighter is the job security itself. You can stay a firefighter for as long as you want unless you seriously violate your code of conduct, government employee guid lines or do something criminal. Being as professional firefighter is definitely one of the most stable jobs on offer in our modern economy, and so is the pay.

Competitive Salary

Speaking of firefighter pay, fire services in Australia offer some competitive salaries for firefighters. The salaries will, of course, vary based on where in the fire service you are based in regards to rank and service. The range is as low as approximately 45k for recruits or as high as 135k for station officer ranks as an average. Each service in Australia’s pay rates are in the link above.

Opportunities for Career Growth

Many applicants are not fully aware, working in the fire service gives you opportunities for vast career growth. Just like any profession, you can move up the ladder from recruit to station officer and everything in between.

Fire station rank example:

Here are the ranks in Fire Service Victoria, starting from a recruit firefighter to a firefighter level 1, level 2, and level 3. Once you have your pre-requisite training you are also eligible to apply for other opportunities within the station and outside of station duties, such as being part of the following:

  • emergency medical response – (Not all services)
  • road rescue
  • fire investigation team
  • high angle rescue techniques team
  • remote piloted aircrafts systems
  • waterway emergency systems
  • …and much more!

Maintain Physical Fitness

Firefighter fitness tests can be difficult but once you are in the job you have the following huge advantages.

Another advantage of being a firefighter is that you get to maintain your physical fitness as part of your job, imagine that, getting paid to keep in shape, it’s the other way around for almost everyone else in the country.

Because the job requires a high level of fitness, you are encouraged to exercise as frequently and keep in good physical shape to undertake firefighting operations.

Most fire stations these days have their own gym where the staff and crew can use the equipment. A lot of the time there are also professionals employed to write training programs and provide advice to firefighters on how to develop regimes for targeting specific physical outcomes.

Financial Aid

In rare cases you may receive financial aid from the service you work for or the united firefighters union if you are a member. You don’t want to be in this position but it is just another added safety net for you and your family.

Here is an example:

In addition to your monthly salary, fire services across Australia also have their own way of providing additional monetary help to their firefighter staff in times of hardship. If you want to become a firefighter for Fire and Rescue NSW, for example, you can request financial assistance, as stated on their website, for the following events:

  • unplanned costs that must be paid immediately
  • medical emergencies
  • costs incurred in the wake of a family member, partner, or dependent child’s passing
  • financial counseling

It’s not that we wish you to experience this kind of assistance once you go on board, but at the very least, we’d like to inform you how you can go through your personal and professional lives once you are hired.

Camaraderie and Life-Long Friendships

Firefighting requires teamwork, and this teamwork often leads to life-long friendships. So, once you become a firefighter, you do not just get to help victims of fires and accidents, you also get to form new brotherhoods and sisterhoods. Sure, it will never be like a family like your own, but these are these people who will guide and help you learn the ropes of the jobs, and yes, they will be the ones to help you when you need advice or at least financial help.

Dream Career Realisation

At the end of the day, if it has always been your dream to work as a professional in the fire service, then becoming a firefighter is worth the work and effort to start living that dream.

Besides being admired and held in high regard by friends, family and people all over the world, the capacity to help people when they’re in danger is already a fulfilment in itself. Being a firefighter isn’t for everyone, but being one is a job you can always be extremely proud of.



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