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Work Safety Exam

Work Safety Test Preparation – Video guide with example test questions

What is a Work Safety  test?

Work safety tests are formatted as  statement that you need to indicate whether you Agree or Disagree & to what extent i.e. Strongly Disagree, Strongly Agree. See example below:

work safety test firefighter


Unlike most firefighter tests, Work Safety tests are not timed.

Most work safety tests you will find as part of the firefighter recruitment process will be relatively short compared to other personality tests like the Personality Type Profile.

The Work Safety test example that we are covering here is the “Revelain Work Safety test” as this is what’s currently being used in most firefighter recruitment tests around Australia. It is also a good example as it has all the fundamental components of any classic Work Safety test you’re likely to come across in firefighter tests.


Work Safety tests are designed to assess you on 5 Key safety risk factors

1.Safety Control scale


Assesses your proclivity for taking personal responsibility for your own protection. A individual who accepts personal responsibility is likely to assume that he or she can avoid most, if not all, accidents. This individual assumes that chance, management, coworkers, or some other external (i.e., non-controllable) factor have a negligible effect on workplace injuries and believe It’s all down to you and your actions & choices.

work safety test scale 1


2. Risk Aversion scale

determines whether you are a careful person (who does not enjoy taking risks) or someone who loves the thrill of taking risks. The theory behind this scale is that people who enjoy taking chances in the workplace to obtain positive results are more likely to be involved in incidents and less likely to escape danger. It’s important to distinguish between taking “uncalculated” risks and taking “calculated” risks. A low score on this scale indicates that you enjoy taking unplanned risks at work.

work safety risk question

3. Stress Management scale

Determines whether or not you are capable of successfully handling stress at work. The idea is that when people are under pressure, they can panic and make mistakes that result in accidents. This scale is designed to assess how well you handle stress and pressure. People who can manage their feelings and deal with stress are less likely to be involved in accidents at work

work safety stress question

4. Drug Aversion scale

Assesses your willingness to adhere to laws and procedures. The aim of this scale is to determine whether you are likely to break or violate any rules in the workplace in order to produce a good result. Those that are more inclined to break the rules (or who accept the use of drugs or alcohol at work) are more likely to make mistakes and be involved in workplace accidents.

work safety drug question

5. Attitudes towards Violence scale

Assesses your proclivity for losing your temper and reacting aggressively or violently to circumstances at work. The theory behind this scale is that people who lose their temper quickly are more likely to make mistakes, which may lead to more workplace injuries. People that are relaxed and have coping styles that help them deal with frustration and rage are less likely to be involved in workplace accidents.

work safety test violence

Example Work Safety test question review:

I remove myself from a stressful situation before I lose my temper.

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neutral
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree

This particular work safety test question is designed to measure your attitude towards violence in the work place. If you were to choose “agree” to this statement, then this would indicate that you have the ability to control your response and aren’t as likely to act in a violent manner, which is less likely to lead to workplace accidents.

Why are Work Safety tests used in Firefighter Recruitment?

There are several personality characteristics and traits that the Work Safety tests is designed to measure. The idea behind using these tests in firefighter recruitment is that it gives the recruitment team an insight into your attitude and beliefs around a number of core subjects. Essentially the fire service is looking to hire firefighters that will be durable and contribute to a productive workplace.

Work Safety Test – Preparation For Firefighter Recruitment

Work Safety Test Preparation – A Stand-Alone Module in our Personality Profiler Course.

We are excited to tell you that our Work Safety Test preparation is up and ready for you to start studying: A Full Process Breakdown has been updated in our Membership – Profiling Course.

In line with Fire Recruitment Australia’s goal of bringing you the latest and most effective training on everything related to Firefighter Recruitment  in Australia and New Zealand, our team of coaches, industrial psychologist and researchers have made significant efforts to make sure you get relevant and complete information on fire service exams, especially the new and obscure ones like the Work Safety Test so you can prepare for them and ensure you don’t get caught out on avoidable mistakes.

If you are looking to ensure you’re prepared for a recruitment process that has a work safety test or work styles assessment then you want to make sure your up to date not only with how the work safety test works but how different types of questions might unknowingly effect the outcome of your test.

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