Podcast: Fire Service Recruitment Fitness Tests

Podcast: Fire Service Recruitment Fitness Tests


In today’s episode, we will discuss fitness testing for fire service recruitment around Australia and in particular the beep test. I wanted to cover the beep test today because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about it. In particular, in relation to the New South Wales Fire and Rescue service and the fact that they’ve removed it from their testing process.

The beep test is used in almost every fire service around Australia apart from the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service. However, it is still important for New South Wales as you will be required to perform at a similar cardiovascular level to what you would in the beep test anyhow. So, although New South Wales doesn’t do it like say, Australia and Victoria and the FES and all the rest of the guys, it is still important to be cross and have that level of fitness. It’s a good, measurable way of improving your fitness so you know where you’re at on a cardiovascular level.

So my tip is to still train for it. Get a minimum of 9/6. Try for 10/6 if you can. That way if you fall ill or you get a small injury or something, you can still show up on the day and pass the test and you don’t fall short because the services are quite ruthless and the fact that if you can’t on that day, it’s over, we’ll see you next year then. I hope this tip’s been helpful for you. If it has or you’ve got any questions, please leave a comment below and be sure to give us a like on the Facebook button.



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