FRNSW Recruitment Drive

A small window of opportunity has opened as Bombala Times announced the fire recruitment drive for the FRNSW in Bombala.

According to the article published on February 14, Shoalhaven Fire Station officer Sean Doohan has been meeting with people and assisting the firefighter crew in Bombala in spreading information about the work of the firefighters and the need for part-time firefighters.

Acting deputy captain Malcolm Lavender pointed out that firefighters come from all walks of life and that the range of work firefighters do is variable.  According to him, attending motor vehicle accidents, house fires, and household incidents and assisting paramedics are some of the duties they carry out.

Retained firefighters are paid to undertake training and attend incidents.

“There are different layers of firefighting linked with FRNSW, we don’t fight forest fires, our role is more to protect people, livestock and property,” deputy captain Lavender added.

Bombala Fire and Rescue conducts training two Mondays a month. There are also ongoing upskilling training all throughout the year.

To become a firefighter for the FRNSW, recruits go through two training phases. Once the probationary period ends,  they become eligible to become a primary rescue firefighter.

Anyone in NSW who is near the Bombala Station and is interested in becoming a part-time firefighter,  you can visit the Bombala Fire and Rescue station today and tomorrow.

You can also email Bombala firefighter Malcolm Lavender at


Brent Clayton

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