QFES Firefighter Recruitment 2016 – QLD Fire & Rescue

QFES Firefighter Recruitment

Firefighter recruitment update for Australia 2016. QFES will commence recruitment on July 1 2016 for base grade firefighters. this is a great opportunity for those of you that are looking to get a position with QFES or Queensland Fire and rescue service.

We had great results getting 2 guys positions with QFES from the last recruitment phase so If you need any help with the aptitude or cognitive tests be sure to let us know and we will do what we can to help. So thats QFES starting a recruitment campaign in July 2016 right through until August. I suggest if you have not already, start your preparation so you are ahead of the game when the time come.

I’m Brent C, this is fore recruitment Australia dot com, thanks for watching.

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