Fire Fitness Tips & Tricks – Fire Recruitment Australia

Firefighter Fitness Tips – Fire Service Recruitment Australia

There are a number of fitness challenges you will face during the fire service recruitment process when applying to a fire service within Australia. Even If you are really fit and strong  it is still worth taking the time to look into this part of the process.

It is better to be safe than sorry and I have seen plenty of really fit and sorry people leave the process at an early stage for simply ignoring this integral part of the process.

It is a given that you will need to demonstrate your VO2 max normally in the form of The Beep Test. For fire service recruitment in Australia the level to obtain for the majority of services is 9.6 which is quite high considering the army and police are somewhere around levels 6 – 8 depending on the position you are applying for. My big and obvious tip for this is make sure you can Pass The Beep Test before you go on test day. I know that sounds really obvious BUT make sure you do it so that you can go in with confidence knowing that you will definitely pass and move to the next step of the fire service recruitment process.

There are also some other tests which look at your ability to perform tasks that a firefighter may need to carry out on a day to day basis, find out what these are and have a go at them, if you cant do them train to overcome each one. I have made a detailed plan covering each activity and the requirement as well as a training program for each in my book

Fire Service Recruitment – The Process For Success

The main thing is that you find out what is required and do whatever it takes to make sure you will definitely pass. It is a long way to come just to fail because you did not take the time to get it right. I have seen the biggest fittest looking blokes fail this on many occasions. Allot of the time it comes down to their technique because they have not researched properly. I have helped many much smaller people pass what some of the big guys have failed.

Hopefully you come across this before it is time for you to demonstrate your abilities to the fire service recruitment panel.

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  • 9 years ago