Preparation For Fire Service Recruitment – Fire & Rescue NSW

Preparation For Fire Service Recruitment – Fire & Rescue NSW

Brent: Hey there, Brent Clayton here from Today’s tip I want to cover the importance of being prepared when you’re applying for a job within the fire service. This morning a mate of mine sent me a link to an article in the Daily Telegraph that covered one of the journalists going through the paces for the Fire and Rescue New South Wales just like any applicant would have. It really pointed out the importance of being prepared for, what she did was the fitness test. But I’m talking about it in a more general sense of being prepared for the upcoming tests and challenges that you’re going to face on your way through the testing.

As far as New South Wales Fire and Rescue, we’ve been about a week out from the start of their campaign. If you haven’t started preparing and looking at what you’re going to need to improve on I suggest you really pull your finger out and start having a look now. I’m going to cover some specific stuff that you’re going to faced with initially, just to give you the heads-up and maybe show you some stuff that didn’t know about so that you can have a look at that. This is something that I do with the membership guys. It’s the first things we do is sort of have a chat and make sure that you’ve got the racehorses and a bit of a roadmap of how they’re going to attack things and allocate their time to the things that are most important and get the right racehorses so that the time they do spend is really valuable and they get the biggest bang for bucks. That’s how we do it in the membership.

As far as New South Wales Fire and Rescue goes, there’s a few tests that you will face straight away and those are as follows. First of all you’ve got to have a successful application to get through to the cognitive testing. You’ve got a cognitive test which is very competitive. Then you’ve got a work reliability test second. An emotional intelligence test and a work safety test. A lot of people have got called out on these tests previously, particularly the work safety and emotional intelligence stuff. This is something to be aware of and make sure that you’re across before you get there so that you’ve given yourself the best chance possible to get across the line and into the next stage of testing. That’s specific to Fire and Rescue New South Wales.

What I decided to help you at is, find out what challenges you’re going to face throughout the process, prioritize those challenges and prioritize what you need to work on first and put the most effort into as far as the timeline for the recruitment process goes. Gather the resources that you’re going to need in order to improve your score or improve your fitness or whatever it is so that you’ve got them there ready to work on so that you’re using your time most efficiently. So that when you come to the test day you can just breeze through with as little stress as possible and progress to the next level.

I just wanted to share that information with you for the upcoming Fire and Rescue New South Wales recruitment campaign which starts in just over a week from now. I hope you’ve got something helpful out of this video. Just remember you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on anything. I’m Brent Clayton and this is Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video. Bye for now.


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