Firefighter Recruitment Updates for the End of Year 2020/2021

2021 Recruitment Update

Hey guys!

Brent C here from Fire Recruitment Australia with some recruitment updates.

2020 was a year unlike any other we’ve all had in our lifetime. It has been a year wrought with challenges, adjustments and impacts of one form or another in each person in the community. The Fire Service as well did not come out of it unscathed. And while there has been some delays, I am happy to say that fire services in Australia and New Zealand have stayed true to their commitment to continuously provide service to the community with highly qualified new firefighters.

On another note, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who supported the Fire Recruitment Australia team this year. And as per our practice for the last couple of years, here’s a year-end recruitment update for all of you to help you prepare for your firefighting career in 2021 regardless if you’re a Fire Recruitment Australia member or not.


ACT Fire and Rescue is looking to fill a hundred positions. We are unclear if that will be accomplished in one intake this 2021 or distributed for the next couple of years. Their recruitment date is most likely to start just after mid-year around August or September.


The Aviation Rescue Firefighting Service has been hit the hardest by the pandemic. That being said, their intake for new applicants has been paused indefinitely. However, there are rumors circulating that some retained stations are absorbing ARFF firefighters if they’re nearby. This is good news for those who got laid off/put on leave.


Department of Fire and Emergency Services are currently recruiting and will close 11 January 2021. While they are on a rolling recruitment (which means they’ll be recruiting the whole year-round), they’re doing this in batches. No word yet whether the rolling recruitment will continue in 2021.

DFES is currently using Cognify – a game-fied exam. If you’re looking to find out more about it and how you can prepare for it, you can check it here.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand is opening around July 2021. Their testing provider is SafeSelect and if you’re looking for relevant practice exams, you can inquire with us about it.


Fire and Rescue New South Wales is looking to recruit also a little after mid-2021. No changes on the provider nor the process as far as we know.


Fire and Rescue Victoria will resume recruitment for existing applicants in early 2021 while new applicants can submit their application around mid-year. Pearson VUE would still be the provider for the Cognitive exams.


NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services were supposed to start recruitment last November 2020. However, the intake was postponed due to the coronavirus. There are rumors circulating that they will open in March 2021 using the same provider — SafeSelect. If that’s the case, everyone looking to apply should start preparing for it as soon as possible.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services as we all know, are recruiting January 2021. It is required that you have attached a copy of your Blue Card and BEEP test results to your application. The new benchmark for the latter is now 9.6.

QFES will still most likely continue using Pearson VUE as their testing provider.


South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service is still going to open in mid-2021 in keeping with the once-a-year recruitment schedule they issued for the next 3-5 years since 2019.


Tasmania Fire Service is also rumored to recruit around March 2021. If this is your first time applying, be sure to get in some study time the soonest possible. They are using Cognify in the aptitude exams. As we all know, it’s one of the hardest there is.

There you have it, a snapshot of what 2021 Recruitment is going to be like in the fire service. Hope you found this helpful. And before the year finally ends, here’s a THANK YOU gift for all of you who are looking to become members of Fire Recruitment Australia. Gift expires in 48 hours.

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Lastly, we are looking to launch a much improved e-learning center as part of membership this 2021. Here’s a sneak peek!


fire recruitment australia


For more updates and insights please always watch this space. More power to your endeavors. Enjoy the holidays.



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