NTFRS Firefighter Recruitment 2017 – 2018


It Looks like NTFRS Recruitment may be getting ready to fire up for 2017 – 2018!!

So NTFRS is offering come and try days which normally means one thing, they are about to start the NTFRS Recruitment process which means you will have a chance in late 2017 early 2018 to sharpen up and land a career as a firefighter with NTFRS under the PFES banner.

Im going to share some insights from NTFRS below as well as show you how you can make sure you will beat your competition and progress through the recruitment process.

Here is an outline of the NTFRS Firefighter Recruitment process

Stage 1 – Initial application

Stage 2 – Written Assessment

Reading, Maths, writing psychometric and aptitude testsing

Stage 3 – Physical Fitness Assessment

Stage 4 – Panel Interview

Stage 5 – Medical Examination

Integrity and Criminal History Checks

Final Selection

To be eligible to apply for the NTFRS Firefighter Recruitment, applicants must:

  1. be Australian citizens or have permanent resident status
  2. have NO significant criminal history
  3. be fit and healthy
  4. have at least one of the following:
  • a Senior Secondary Education Certificate (Year 12 or equivalent)
  • a completed Trade Certificate or Tertiary Qualification,
  • be able to demonstrate considerable employment experience (minimum two years full time work experience), life skills and interaction with a variety of people.

5. possess a current (manual) Medium Rigid License (evidence to be provided at interview

6. hold a current First Aid Certificate.


Experience/ Personality –

  • The NTFRS Firefighter Recruitment process places a significant focus on the applicant’s life and work experience. I encourage you to demonstrate your life and work experience & skills through your application and resume
  • Ensure you show your integrity throughout the selection process as this is anther significant focus of the recruitment process.

Practice –

  • Reading and Reasoning Ability Tests
  • Basic Arithmetic and Numeracy
  • Grammar
  • Reading and Reasoning Ability question

Sharpen –

  • Ensure you get enough interview practice so you are sharp enough to beat 95% of other applicants as this is the figure you need to beat in order to get a position

If you need help with this make sure you let me know by filling in the contact form on our CONTACT page

Here are some Frequently asked questions answered by the NTFRS for people in your position looking to apply for a job as a firefighter.


Q. How many positions are available?

A. The number of positions available in each recruitment campaign varies and will depend on several factors i.e., natural attrition, urban development, staff movements.


Q. How do I apply?

A. You will need to submit a completed application form including the required supporting documentation. The Application Form can be downloaded from www.fire.nt.gov.au or one can be sent to you by mail or email.


Q.How long does the process take?

A. The entire recruitment process takes approximately 18 weeks from the start of the recruitment campaign to the recruit course start date. This can change.


Q. What is the course start date?

A. The course start date will be set once the recruitment process is finished.


Q.Do I need a MR Licence to apply?

A. No, not to submit an initial application. However, note that if your application is successful you will need to have your MR Licence (manual) a minimum of 1 week prior to the course start date. If you do not have your MR Licence (manual) in place your position will be forfeited and offered to another applicant. Evidence will be required at interview to show that you have started the process of obtaining your Medium Rigid Licence (manual).


Q. Do I need to have my first aid certificate?

A. Yes, however the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) will provide extra emergency care training as part of the recruit course in order that participants become familiar with NTFRS procedures and equipment. Your First Aid Certificate will have to be presented to the Recruitment Officer at the time of your interview.


Q. I wear glasses. Can I still apply?

A. Refer to the medical guidelines on the NTFRS website. There are levels of corrected sight and each case is assessed individually.


Q. I am colour blind can I still apply?

A. Refer to the medical guidelines on the website. There are levels of colour blindness and each case is assessed individually. Applicants are required to provide a report from their optometrist that will assist with their assessment.


Q. Can I transfer my long service leave from defence?

A. In most cases, yes.


Q. Are there age limits ?

A. No, however there may be age restrictions in relation to the Medium Rigid Licence, this is something you should check with the Motor Vehicle Registry office.


Q. I didn’t finish year 12 can I still apply ?

A. You are still eligible to apply if you have completed a trade certificate or other tertiary or Vet qualification. If you have not completed the above but have completed at least 2 years of full time employment demonstrating your ability to acquire new skills and have continued a reasonable amount of learning through your adult life then your application will be considered.


Q. I am from interstate can I still apply?

A. Yes. The NTFRS welcomes any person who wishes to submit an application, regardless of where they currently reside. Being interstate is fine


Q. I am an interstate applicant do I have to be in Darwin for testing?

A. The NTFRS can arrange for you to sit the Written Assessment with one of their providers online. However, all physical assessments and interviews will be conducted either in Darwin or Alice Springs. If you are successful at this stage you will have to make your own arrangements for travel and accommodation.


Q. Can I do the physical test another time or in another state at a fire station if I am not able to make the set dates?

A. No. Testing can only be done in Darwin or Alice Springs on the set date.

Q. Does the NTFRS pay for travel for assessments?

A. Not during the assessment and interview phase. However, should you be successful NTFRS will make arrangements for you and/or your families relocation to Darwin or Alice Springs.


Q. I sat the written assessment 12 months ago, can I reapply?

A. As long as it has been more than 12 months since you were advised then yes you can apply. If you were tested less than 12 months ago but were unsuccessful at the physical stage, we will require you to sign a form allowing us to use your current written test results.


Q. Is there a limit to the amount of times I can apply?

A. Unlike other states there is no limit on the amount of times you can apply.


Q. I am from oversees can I apply?

A. To be employed as a permanent employee of the Northern Territory Government you need to be an Australian citizen or have Permanent Residence status.


Q. I applied last time and got to the physical assessment stage do I have to submit another application?

A. Yes, once a squad has been recruited the file is closed and all previous applicants need to re-apply.


Q. How long do my written results last?

A. Written assessments remain valid for 12 months.


Q. How often does the NTFRS recruit?

A. Recruitment depends on staffing requirements and varies according to a needs basis.


Q. What can I do to enhance my chances of being successful?

A. You may wish to seek similar processes from the internet.


Q. Can you recommend any websites or tests that I can practice the written assessment?

A.You may wish to seek similar processes from the internet. The written assessment is a multiple choice paper of written ability and psychometric profiling. The NTFRS use the assessment to match up characteristics of applicants with characteristics of a firefighter.


Q. I am a firefighter with another fire service do I have to go through the recruitment process?

A. Yes, the NTFRS does not have a lateral entry for firefighters.


Q. Do I get a choice of where I will be posted?

A. Applicants should be aware that upon becoming a firefighter they can be placed at any Fire Station in the Northern Territory


Q. I have a criminal history can I still apply?

A. All criminal history matters are assessed by the Director’s Staff Officer and consideration will be given to a demonstrated ability and desire to overcome adversity.

Foreign Nationals. My current visa status is a provisional residence visa (309) which will become a permanent residence visa (100) in two years. Is it possible for me to apply for a position as a recruit on my present visa or must I wait for the two year period to finish? Full-time employees require permanent Residency or Australian Citizenship therefore you would be unsuccessful in your application due to your current Visa.

Firefighter Pay and Conditions NTFRS

What are the pay and conditions like?

Current Wages for Firefighters

An updated list of how much firefighters get paid around Australia

(effective 08/011/12) Position Wage Recruit Firefighter Firefighter D Class Firefighter C Class Firefighter B Class Firefighter A Class $58,852 p.a.

(first three months 78% FF A Class) $61,871 p.a. (next nine months 82% FF A Class) $64,133 p.a. $65,642 p.a. $73,941 p.a. $75,450 p.a.

Northern Territory Allowance (NTA) Members with dependants will be eligible to claim the Northern Territory Allowance of $960 per annum.

Superannuation in accordance with the Federal Government requirements, the Northern Territory Government will contribute an amount equal to 9% of the member’s salary into a superannuation fund nominated by the member.

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