Why Most People will Never Become a Professional Firefighter


The main reasons why people don’t get jobs as professional firefighters in Australia when they, in fact, could if they knew the right things to focus on and understood the correct approach.

“Firefighting Is Not for Everyone & Most People Will Never Get A Chance to Find Out”

I’m going to show you the common reasons people are usually unaware of and what you can do to overcome them as well as where you can go to get more resources & help if you need it.

First we need to look at the reality, the probability’s and the figures. An average recruitment cycle depending on the service is 1500 – 3000 applicants.

Firefighter Success Funnel – Figures Averaged

(VIDEO) The simple model I have come up with looks a bit like a ladder, a ladder with approximately six rounds. At the top is a trophy. It doesn’t look much like a trophy, but that’s what it is. Let’s say that the trophy is the job offer as a firefighter over 500 – 1000 other hopeful applicants.

First round  being the application, second round might be aptitude testing. They always run in slightly different orders, but these are the general tests and order of them. for specific information on the tests for your service you can check out the how to become a firefighter for all the services in Australia

Then you will face some sort of personality profiling test or firefighter psych test, whether it’s a work capacity or work safety test, personality profiling or work styles. Whatever they call it, the idea is to get a profile of who you are and how you’re likely to behave against a predetermined model of what they want to recruit.

Then there’s always a physical test or PAT – physical abilities test.

Then you will have the firefighter interview and then there is the checks being – medical, police record, driving, references and all that sort of stuff.

What I see happening a lot of the time is people …”We’ve got the application. Got that? No worries. It’s really good.”

Get to the next test, usually aptitude, bum bom, fail. Then you never even get the chance to have a go at the profiling, the PAT, the interview, the medical or the job offer.

You need to learn how to strengthen your weak spots so instead of it being a liability, it’s a strength and it builds a strong profile as you get moved through the entire process.

If we strengthen up the aptitude test , that gives you a chance at profiling, which is something that you may or may not have been able to pass, but you will never know if you have failed the aptitude and not progressed.

If you get through to the psych test and you fail it unexpectedly, as most people do, You’ll think they are going to smash it and then you unfortunately miss out.

NOTE: Most of the time applicants don’t understand how the psych test is evaluated in conjunction with all the other testing outcomes like your application, resume, aptitude and Interview depending on the service

Then you’re like, “I reckon I would have nailed the physical abilities test and the interview,” but you are never going to get the chance because you did not learn how to pass the firefighter psych test or have any understanding of what it was that they were looking for from you. Let’s say you are going to learn how to pass this test, then we start building momentum.

The physical ability test seems to be something that a lot of people are confident in, but I can tell you now. I’ve seen a lot of big, fit, strong guys and women that have been confident and have not taken the precaution and foresight to do a bit of training to make sure that they are going to pass the physical ability test and then go and fail for no reason.

Each failure opens you up to a serious fork in the road that will change your life forever, do I quit and just keep doing what I’m doing or have another go next year? If you pull your finger out you will be another step closer to starting your life as a respected professional firefighter.

I remember one guy in particular. His name was Adrian. He would have killed the entire process especially the interview. He has a silver tongue. He is really good at interviews and talking the talk, but he failed the physical ability test. He is one of the fittest guys I know, and he is still not a firefighter today, we can put this down to this very singular and easily avoidable oversight.

If we take that possibility out of contention and make sure you can pass, you know what’s on the test so you can control the outcome. Then you’re going to progress unlike most.

Interview – I believe out of all the tests, the interview is up there with the aptitude test and the psychological profiling test that brings people undone.

What’s sad about this one is that it’s the closest you’ll ever be and also the furthest away you’ll ever be from getting a job as a firefighter if you didn’t put in the work to ensure you can dominate. The interview is the one stage I really love and take great pride in helping you strengthen your skills to the point you are simply unbeatable.



You might think you know what you are doing interview wise, and you might even be half decent but this is not going to cut it in this competitive environment.

I would hate to see you just wing it and go in there with the attitude of, “Oh yeah, I’m really good, I can’t get any better and it’s not that big of a deal anyway” when in actual fact, if you had have done just a little bit of research and put in a little bit of effort…… well maybe not so little. But if you put in the effort and follow the process you will beat everyone and progress to the medical and storm home, getting the prize of the job offer.

Of course, you could always fail the medical as well, This is something that I focus on as a first step when I’m working with you in my  . We look at all the potential pitfalls at the beginning so we are giving you the absolute best chance, we need to make sure we have these things covered from the start.

When I’m working with you, I make sure that you nail the application including what’s actually important so you can stand out.

Then we work out a coaching plan and get you access to material that is as close to the test you will face allowing you to smash the aptitude test without all the stress most people go through only to fail it anyway.

We know what the firefighter profile is that they are looking for, so we can remove the psych test as a barrier. Most people never realise that the psych and personality tests are what’s responsible for their failure in progressing through the process and end up blaming something or someone else.

Even if you think you’re pretty good physically and ready for the PAT, we want to be 100% sure.  If you are not where you need to be I use the minimum effective dose  method to get you to where you need to be in the quickest possible timeframe.

With the interview, we have no stone left unturned because why would we?

To get to the interview, you’re so close now. Let’s put everything into it in the preparation phase so you can enjoy the process and get across the finish line with ease.

Your BIG Opportunity – 97% of applicants are not playing to WIN 

Most applicants are never even in the game & They don’t even know it


The medical checks and stuff like that, that’s something we do right at the start because what’s the point of getting to the end and not being able to get that job when it’s offered to you?

I hope you’ve got something out of this. If it is that you’ve identified, “Yeah, I could be working on one of these points,” just commit to fixing it up.

If you need a hand, and I’ll point you in the right direction for your specific circumstance. I hope this has been helpful,

I’m Brent, This is FireRecruitmentAustralia.com with some insight into how you can increase your chances of becoming a professional firefighter. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time.

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