Why Most People will Never Become A Professional Firefighter

Hey there. It’s Brent Clayton from FireRecruitmentAustralia.com. What I want to walk you through today is one of the main reasons I think that people aren’t getting jobs as fire fighters in Australia or becoming successful when they in fact could if they knew the right thing.

Why Most People Will Never Become a professional firefighter

At the end, I’ll show you what we do to overcome this and where you can go to get more help. The model I have come up with looks a bit like a ladder, a ladder with approximately 6 rounds. At the top is a trophy. It doesn’t look much like a trophy, but that’s what it is. Let’s say that the trophy is the job as a fire fighter.

The first round, we call that the application. Right down to the second round might be testing, say like aptitude. They always run in slightly different orders, but these are the general ones. Then you’ll have some sort of profiling test, whether it’s work capacity or work safety test or personality profiling. Whatever they call it, the idea is to get a profile of how you’re likely to behave and what your preferences are. You always have a physical or a PAT. I call it a PAT, a physical aptitude test. Then we have an interview and then there is the medical and police record and all that sort of stuff.

What I reckon happens a lot of the time, is people …“We’ve got the application. Got that, no worries. It’s really good.” Get to the aptitude, bum bom, failed that. You never get to have a go at the profiling, the PAT, the interview, the medical or the job offer. We need to look at strengthening the weak spot there so instead of it being a liability, it’s a strength and we get moved through to the next thing. If we strengthen up aptitude there and that gives you a go at profiling, which is something that we may or may not have been able to pass, but we never would have known if we had failed the aptitude test or not.

If we get through the profiling and we fail that unexpectedly, as most people do, they think they are going to smash it and then they miss out unfortunately, then you’re like, “I reckon I would have smashed the physical aptitude test and the interview,” but you are never going to have got the chance because you did not strengthen up your profiling or even know what it was that they were looking for there. Let us say we are going to strengthen that up as well. I’ve got some nice strong rounds going up.

The physical aptitude test seems to be something that a lot of people are confident at, but I can tell you now. I’ve seen a lot of big, fit, strong guys and women that have been confident and have not taken the precaution and just the foresight and done a bit of training to make sure that they are going to pass physical attitude – fail that one. There is one guy in particular I remember, his name was Adrian. He would have smashed the interview. He has a silver tongue. He is really good at interviews, but he failed the physical aptitude test. He is one of the fittest guys I know and he is still not a firey now, and I will put it down to that and that alone.

If we take that out and we make sure that that’s strong as well, then … Maybe not with a wiggly line like that. Then we’re going to get a job at the interview. I reckon out of all the tests, the interview is up there with the aptitude test and the psychological profiling test that brings people undone. What’s sad about this one being wonky or missing to me is that it is the closest and also the furthest you’ll ever be from getting a job as a fire fighter. This is one I take great pride in helping people to strengthen right up.

You might think you know what you are doing, but I would hate to just wing it and go in there and go, “Oh yeah, I’m really good,” and all that sort of stuff, and in actual fact, if you had done just a little bit of research and put in a little bit of effort, you would have gone up in the medical and stormed home and got the prize at the top. Of course, we could always fail the medical as well, but this is something that I use with my one-on-one guys. We just make sure of all these things.

With the guys that I help, we make sure that you smash the application, you smash the aptitude test. We know what the sort of profile is that they are looking for. Even if we think we’re pretty good at the PAT, we make sure that we’re 100% on it. If we’re not, we use the minimum effective dose of training in the right spots to strengthen it right up. Again with the interview, we have no stone left unturned because why would we? To get to the interview, it’s like we’re this close now. Let’s put everything into it and get across the line. The medical checks and stuff like that, that’s something we do right at the start because what’s the point of getting to the end and not being able to get that job when it’s offered to you?

I hope you’ve got something out of this. If it is that you’ve identified, “Yeah, I could be working one of these points,” just commit to fixing it up. If you need a hand, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction out there. I hope this has been helpful a little bit at least.

I’m Brent Clayton. This is FireRecruitmentAustralia.com with some insight into how you can increase your chances of becoming a professional firefighter. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time


Brent Clayton

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